Why work with me?

*Do you need a little help with life organization, time or energy management? That could be with a specific area of life… like work, home or self care.

*Or, are you a business that sees Bujoplanner.kim as an possible solution to your specific workplace need?

*Finally, could you be a like minded mission person, who wishes to collab in some way?

Then I hope you might be interested to work with me. Let me outline some possibilities, but certainly get in contact if you have some other idea.


You might want to work with me if you… get overwhelmed, procrastinate, can’t stick to habits, want to make changes in your life, can’t get the right systems in place.

Here is what a client said who wanted to get coached on energy management:

The course itself is very insightful, who knew there was so much to learn about your own use of energy! Kim’s kind and objective attitude toward me as a student made the experience conducive to real personal growth. The lessons were clearly expressed and they motivate you to put them into daily practice as soon as as you complete your first lesson. I will continue to use the principles learned in this course for years to come.”

What is involved?

It depends, usually the starting point is a quick 15 minute free session to check if we can work together and that I can fit your needs.

After that, I typically run through a 5 step course, which usually fits into 4 hour long sessions. This can change because of personal needs.

If this seems like a good choice for you, please fill out the form below.


Yes, life organization does extend to business life too. I am here to help if you want your employees or students to be at their best.

Some options for businesses are:

  • Branded PDF document for new hires – ‘Best practices for time management at the workplace’
  • Virtual workshop ‘Time & Energy Management Training’
  • In-House workshop [Dublin, Ireland area only] ‘Time & Energy Management Training’
  • Branded workplace planners
  • Branded PDF document for students – ‘Getting to the end! Energy management tips.’

If any of these would suit your business, let’s chat and see if we can work together and I can fit your needs. Please fill out the form below.


Would you like to collab with me?

Maybe you have something eco friendly stationery you want to sell, or you have some insightful words to share on my blog.

Secondly, another option is for some kind of product promotion, however, I will always be 100 % honest in my reviews and comments, for instance. I not open to promoting something I don’t actually support.

Please fill in the form below for collab work, or promotions.

CHECK OUT tips and tricks for time and energy management from the blog: