A nighttime routine can be hard to establish. As adults at the end of a long day we can be exhausted. So the first step is really knowing the benefits of a nighttime routine, and from there we can start to build our own ideal nighttime.

What is a Nighttime Routine?

A nighttime routine is a decided list of tasks that we complete every evening before we go to bed.

That’s the short answer.

Why is a Nighttime Routine SO hard?

There are a few factors that make creating a nighttime routine challenging.

Especially when creating a nighttime routine for an adult, the possibility is that we have years experience of getting it ‘wrong’.

As adults we are determining our own actions and suddenly exciting things like watching tv, scrolling S.M or partying with friends becomes the go to action rather than what our parents hopefully told us – go to bed and get enough sleep!

Here are some factors that make it a challenge:

  • LACK OF TIME. We are busy and just keep going until we flop on the pillow.
  • LACK OF MOTIVATION. It’s easier not to have a routine, just do the easy thing, right?
  • DIFFICULTY STICKING TO A ROUTINE. We keep starting one, but it never sticks long.

Because of these reasons, it can be a challenge to create a good bedtime routine.

So let’s now look at the benefits of a nighttime routine for an adult..

Benefits of a Nighttime Routine for an Adult

For Physical Health

From an article on Medical News Today – 2 points really stuck out to me as to the benefits of sleep particularly.

Picture of a heart graph, a heart and a stethoscope. Part of an article - what are the benefits of a nighttime routine for an adult

One is Lower Risk of Heart Disease.

That’s huge! Heart disease is such a big killer. I’m not a medical expert but surely anything we can do to help with this is a good idea.

A nighttime routine really does aid to better sleep.

Therefore, having this as a help for our heart health is huge!

The second one is our Immune System.

Again the sleep is the thing here. If we are getting enough sleep our body does amazing healing while we do absolutely nothing -the miracle of life!

For Mental Health

Did you know a good pattern of sleep can help with stress and anxiety?

Again these are huge issues at the moment. Why not give ourselves a great chance with these things.

Check out more information here.

Apparently REM sleep facilitates the brain’s processing of emotional information. Isn’t that super important?

When we feel rested we are ready to take on more. If we are starting our day in a tired state – we have no reserves, we cannot handle much thrown at us.

Getting enough sleep regularly is so important!

For Productivity

Have you ever tried some problem solving task when you are exhausted? It doesn’t go so well does it?

The reasons sleep helps with productivity are

  • Improves focus and concentration
  • Enhances creativity and problem solving abilities
  • Increases energy and motivation.

Why a Nighttime Routine Helps Sleep?

It’s all about the activities.

If we choose to listen to death metal as our nighttime routine – maybe not, but most people will choose relaxing activities before sleep.

Example Activities for a Nighttime Routine:

If you are creating your own nighttime routine for an adult you may want to include:

  • Brain dump
  • Journaling
  • Stretching
  • Skin-care routine
  • Reading

These activities in themselves are relaxing. They are the true benefits of a nighttime routine – they help you to sleep well and feel rested for the next day.

A woman pulling bed covers over her face. The title says. - what are the benefits of a nighttime routine for an adult?


Are you on board?

Remember the benefits of a nighttime routine for an adult are they majorly aid good sleep. The benefits of that are on our physical, and mental wellbeing, as well as our productivity the next day.

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Thanks for being here today, I appreciate you so much.

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