How is your first quarter of the year going? Well, let’s make this bullet journal quarterly spread for Spring and knock the second quarter out of the park. You know you want to, lol.

The ULTIMATE Bullet Journal Quarterly Spread for Spring Introduction:

I am not sure why but many people skip straight from yearly spreads to monthly spreads. I think people are missing out on a very powerful tool.

This article is going to look at the elements that should be included in an ULTIMATE quarterly spread, and then it will discuss each one and how to make it.

The elements include:

  • Reflection
  • Focus
  • Motivation
  • Goals


It is really important before planning forward, to reflect backwards.


It is a way to take stock of things you want to bring into the next quarter and things you really prefer not to do again.

Different people like different ways to do this, here is an example of mine:

Picture of a bullet journal quarterly spread. It has a Q2 title, then boxes for reflections, focus, quote and goals.

As you can see I just keep it simple, I write what I felt about the last quarter and what I learned.

If you wish to add more space to reflecting, you could add prompts like:

  • What went well for me in the last quarter?
  • What did I learn?
  • What things could I improve on?

An absolutely fantastic example of a quarterly reflection is here on Etsy.

Since we are talking about moving into Spring, maybe your reflection will include what has happened with your New Year’s resolutions and how they are going.

Really you can decide your own space and method for reflecting that suits you. But what’s important is that it is included.

It will make the next sections more powerful.


Why include a focus?

It’s important to have something that you can keep bringing to your mind as being what is important to you for the quarter ahead.

I think it’s good to link your focus for the quarter with your ‘WORD OF THE YEAR’, or yearly focus.

Let’s say for example, that your word of the year was ‘SIMPLE’

Then consider we are coming into spring, we might be thinking about spring cleaning, we could have a focus of ‘decluttering’ as you do the cleaning, or as you go about your quarter.

Think of it as a breakdown of your yearly focus.

Again, you could create prompts but for my bullet journal quarterly spread, I’ve decided to go with a simple box for writing a word or two.

This really does add clarity to the quarter ahead.


Don’t pretend that you don’t need it! We all need a little motivation help.

For me, I go with a simple quote box where I write a quote or verse, that will keep my mind set on the focus and why it’s important.

Here are some possible quotes we could use about decluttering in Sping:

  • “Having a simplified, uncluttered home is a form of self-care”.
  • “Make room for what matters, let go of what doesn’t. It’s that simple.”

Here are 30 examples of ‘Spring’ quotes that you can check out. – Spring Quotes.

For your bullet journal quarterly spread, it might be completely different. You might prefer to use your art skills to provide the motivation. Or you might set a reward for yourself. There are many ideas to get your self motivated. You might also want to read this article all about motivation:


When we include a motivation section, we are giving ourself a growth mindset for the quarter ahead.


This is my absolute favorite section.

I would say – This is where the magic happens!

picture of three blocks. the top says goal, the next says plan, and the bottom one says action. Part of an article - the ultimate bullet journal quarterly spread for spring.

In my bullet journal quarterly spread, my goals box are divided into key areas:

  • Goals
  • Notes
  • Action Steps

GOALS. This is where I jot down a summary of the goals I want to achieve in the next three months.

NOTES. This is where I take note of what I need to accomplish the goals. Maybe help I need to ask for, or things I need to buy. Any resources and support necessary for getting the goals done.

ACTION STEPS. This is where I break down my goal into smaller tasks. Things I need to do to get the job done. At the right side I have three columns for each month and I can then go back and decide which month, I am doing which task.

For example you could breakdown your decluttering by room. Kitchen & Living Room in April, Hallways & Bathrooms and outside spaces in May, and finally bedrooms in June.


In conclusion, if you create these four sections you will have made an ULTIMATE Bullet Journal Quarterly Spread.

Your quarterly spread will then give you clarity for the three months of Spring and you will be set to get on top and love your life.

Many thanks for stopping by and reading “The ULTIMATE Bullet Journal Quarterly Spread for Spring”

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