Welcome to the planner personalities series. Let’s see if this one is your planner personality. In today’s post we are going to discuss a more functional one, hope you enjoy – The Rational


The Rational planner is cheerful in its’ simplicity. We can imagine an organized strategist who doesn’t like fuss using this planner. It’s neat, in a way that will never become overwhelming. It wants to focus on the job in hand, however, it doesn’t want to be dull. The standout is that the user of this planner knows the how to plan effectively.


The pages of this planner are certainly not filled to the brim. They prefer one simple statement piece on the page and don’t clutter up any of the rest of the page. Of course, they like that statement to stand out loud and clear. Their motto is ‘less is more’. They may not bother with doing different themes each month, instead, they might be more likely to have a favourite style that they continue throughout their full notebook.


The pages of this planner are based around efficiency. They are not focused on an art style, but that is not to say that they don’t have any regard to aesthetic, they might. It simply means that they do not include decoration into that look, because it would distract from the focus of the planner – to get the job done. As a result, highlighting headers might be as far as it goes for art in this planner.


This planner uses color in a beautiful way. It maybe using just one highlight color, for example, or it could be a whole rainbow on the page, but either way they love to see the color on their planner pages. They would get bored with planners that just use simple black lines and font, it would just dull their day. Color is what gets this planner opened on a regular basis.


The pages of this planner will have a defined structure. There will be designated spaces for each element, for instance. They don’t feel organized with open space, they feel organized with structure. The ‘feel’ that everything is set in place is the joy of this planner style. They get motivation from seeing all the organized boxes.


Here are some examples of ‘The Rational’ planner:





If this is not your planner personality, don’t worry there are many others to chose from. 😬