[Planner Personalities Series]

Planner personality type the artist

Welcome to the planner personalities series. In today’s post we are going to discuss a more unique one, hope you enjoy – The Artist


The Artist planner is one where we really get to see the makers’ true skills come to the fore. This planner has class and really showcases the talent of the maker extremely well. The colours are chosen wisely and each detail is considered before being added to the page. The maker really gets a sense of inspiration when using this planner. Let’s look at some of the elements of ‘The Artist’.


The pages of this planner are certainly not filled to the brim. They prefer one simple statement piece on the page and don’t clutter up any of the rest of the page. They like that statement to stand out loud and clear. They very much subscribe to the motto ‘less is more’. They may not bother with doing different themes each month, they might be more likely to have a favourite style that they continue throughout their full notebook.


The pages of this planner are styled and designed; the decoration is key to the overall look. It’s not just about function here, they like a certain curated art or pattern aesthetic and that is important to this planner. It may actually take quite a long time to create the art on these pages, but it’s absolutely worth it, because they feel inspired and motivated by the art or pattern they see.


This planner uses colour in a beautiful way. It maybe using just one highlight colour, or it could be a whole rainbow on the page, but either way they love to see the colour on their planner pages. They would get bored with planners that just use simple black lines and font, it would just dull their day. Colour is what gets this planner opened on a regular basis.


The pages of this planner will feel open and spacious. They do not like the confinement of structured boxes all over the page. They like to see that they have room to move in their planner and let the pen flow if they so desire. There is a real ‘pen freedom’ vibe about this planner style, they feel inspired by that feeling and can use their planner to their hearts content.


Here are some examples of ‘The Artist’ planner: