Picture of a cheetah vs a sloth. Part of an article - how to find the right pace of life for YOU.

How to Find the Right Pace of Life for YOU!

Getting the right pace of life can be hard, but it is not impossible! I often talk about goal-setting here on Bujoplanner.Kim, but along with life organization we need to also invest in pace-setting. That’s what we will explore in this blog post. All About Pace When running in a

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Picture of a working woman holding a clock and pointing to it. Part of an article about a day in the life of a time management pro.

A Day In The Life Of A Time Management Pro

We have seen lots of time management articles haven’t we. Now lets try ‘a day in the life of’ a time management pro and see if you are maybe a little bit surprised. A day in the life of who? Ok! To start with the time management pro is ME.

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Picture of clock, with title - how to declutter time wasters

How to Declutter Time Wasters

As I write this – I am guilty! I also, have just today, said ‘yes’, when I really would have preferred to say ‘no’. But, I, along with you, CAN improve on decluttering our time wasters. Shall we? First… Let’s clarify what a time waster is. When I say time

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