Picture of a foot about to step on a banana. Part of an article - 15 quotes about setbacks that will make you smile.

15 Quotes about Setbacks that will make you Smile

Quotes about Setbacks – We all experience them and sometimes they really hurt, so let’s look at how we can grow from them. [I want to just mention here that I am using some quotes found on Pinterest. I have just written them and their authors as I saw them.

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Woman holding a to-do list with 1,2 and 3 listed. Part of an article to do these 3 things before deciding your next year goals.

Do These 3 Things BEFORE Deciding Your Next Year Goals.

It’s the time of year to decide your next year goals, but before you do that….please do these 3 things: 1. Know yourself. I can hear you saying to yourself.. “Why does knowing yourself have anything to do with goal setting for the new year?” Well, let me dive in

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