Picture of lots of papers about taxes. on top there are some highlighters. Part of an article - how to streamline your life with simple home filing categories.

How to Streamline Your Life with Simple Home Filing Categories

Do you often find yourself frantically searching for important documents? The solution is simple – implement a home filing system using home filing categories that make sense. Let the streamlining begin! Why is a Home Filing System Important? The Benefits of an Organized Home File There really are so many

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Picture of a woman holding cleaning bottles behind her waist. part of a blog post - make spring cleaning a habit

How to Make Spring Cleaning a Habit

This is how you make spring cleaning a habit: Make Spring Cleaning a Habit – Why? There are so many reasons to start a Spring cleaning habit. It really does not have to be confined to Spring. Cleaning a home all year round has many rewards, I personally love a

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