Picture of many different notebooks or planners. Part of an article - how often should you bullet journal?

How Often Should I Bullet Journal?

Maybe you have seen the potentional and have gone out and got a bullet journal, but now what? ‘How often should I bullet journal?’ Your question is a very good one and I am here to answer it along with a lot more other questions too. How often should I

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Picture of a black closed notebook, a pen, and a pair of glasses. Part of an article - make a simple minimal bujo planner.

Make a Simple Minimal Bujo Planner

The great thing about a simple minimal bujo planner is as its name suggests – it’s simple, minimal. So it’s easy to make and use. This article will give you a comprehensive guide to making one. Why make a minimal bujo planner? The important thing to consider if you are

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November bujo Setup

[This post contains affiliate links. See the legal information here] It’s time for another monthly bullet journal setup. This time it’s my November bujo! This time around, I took my hubby’s suggestion on theme and focus word. He is very helpful and supportive. 😬 It’s November and in Ireland, where

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picture of title 'starting your first bullet journal'

Starting your first bullet journal

Starting your first bullet journal can be scary. Recently, a friend of mine got inspired by the bullet journal revolution and decided to join ranks. What happened? Armed with bullet journal in hand, she came to me and said “I got one, now what do I do?” Suddenly, I came

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