You can keep these study motivation quotes near at hand all year long – it might provide the inspiration just when you need it.

Why Study Motivation Quotes are Useful.

I have to admit – I love to study. Give me a topic to research and I’ll be at it for hours at a time. But I think there comes a time where we all hit the study wall.

Often it comes as a result of not getting something – you go over and over something and it is just not going in.

We also sometimes are impatient with study, we are trying to do too much and so we just want to get the study done quickly.

These study motivation quotes can be WRITTEN OUT & PUT SOME WHERE YOU WILL SEE THEM.

That is the point – make them part of your daily reminders. Have these quotes sinking in on a regular basis and you will be able to keep your motivation going all through the academic year.

Quotes about Your Reason Why.

A little progress each day adds up to big results.

This is a great quote if you are feeling overwhelmed with the workload. Remember that you do get big results when you continue in learning. No one starts out as an expert.

A goal is a personal promise to your future self.

This one is great to keep yourself accountable. You set yourself a goal or an intention and now you get to follow through on that. Rather than I have to study – I get to study!

Quotes about Not Giving up

Failures are an opportunity to learn, they are not to be feared.

Mindset about setbacks is so important when studying. It is important to continually remind yourself that it is ok to make mistakes. Things going wrong are an opportunity. Lean in and get the lesson.

Picture of study motivation quotes - it says if I don’t understand remember to say I don’t understand yet

If I don’t understand, remember to say – I don’t understand YET!

This is for those times when you get super frustrated that we are not grasping something. But maybe we need to find another tool, a visual aid, an audio file..something that helps us learn in a different way.

When I’m tired, I’ll rest not quit.

This is important to remember, sometimes we need a break and to come back to something with a clearer head. I’m not saying never quit. Sometimes there is a right time to quit. But often we just need a little break.

Quotes about Enjoying Study.

Study enough to love it.

Sometimes we do something just enough to hate it. But if we do it more and more, we get the bug eventually. So give yourself enough study to do to really enjoy it.

Picture of organized stationery. Part of article of study motivation quotes.

A plant grows when the right environment is provided.

This is fantastic, it means that if we don’t have motivation we can create it. We can make our environment more tailored to enjoying study. For me that doesn’t take much..just seeing pens and paper gets me excited.

If I don’t program my brain – Social Media will.

Imagine that. If we don’t intentionally decide what we will put into our brains, it will by proxy get filled with what is around us, and that’s quite a scary thought.


In conclusion to these study motivation quotes – let’s mention a couple of tips too.

TIP #1

Try to be organized – plan ahead, have everything you need to hand, and keep your motivation quotes near too.

TIP #2

Take short and regular breaks – it is thought to be more effective that long breaks. Also try to do some movement for your body, rather than just scroll S.M

That’s it! But I’m looking for your you have a favorite quote? Would you like some study motivation quotes digital stickers? Or would you like a computer wallpaper with study motivation quotes? Please let me know in your comments.




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Study motivation quotes - if i don’t understand remember to say I don’t understand yet.
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