Picture of staedtler pens in a pack

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Here is the story of how I’ve done this staedtler pens review post…

It’s coming up to our 20th wedding anniversary. Yes, I am that old. In the end, myself and my husband bought each other 3 presents each. We gave each other 2, we are saving a surprise 1 each for the actual anniversary day. So, 1 of the 2, I have received so far was this beauty. Yes, after 20 years, my husband knows me so well…..buy her more markers….it is always the answer. So, this week, I have been trying out my staedtler pens and I want to share with you what I think. [These are my own opinions, this is not sponsored in any way]

I had actually been looking for an alternate marker to Crayola Supertips. I have the 100 pack of them and have been using them for quite a while. I did a review if you want to check it out here: https://bujoplanner.kim/2019/09/18/crayola-supertips-review-100-pack/.

I really am fond of the conical shape of the nib. It allows for colouring areas of all different sizes. I was interested to know if there was anything remotely similar on the market.

So, I got searching! After a while, I found these Staedtler pens. I showed my husband them too, obviously, poor Matt gets shown everything. [For all Matt & Kim fans out there…we are not them!]. As you can see from the picture, he got me a 72 pack size, they do have a range of pack sizes..I believe the largest has 120 pens. The cost seems to be very affordable. Here they are on Ebay.uk. So, what are the staedtler pens like?

The Pen

The pen itself is very nice to hold. It’s light and feels easy to grip…The plastic is slightly softer than most other pens I’ve used. It seems to have the same plastic lid on both ends, both in the colour of the ink. On the finer tip end, the lid seems to be snug, it’s sitting on the pen barrel. But on the conical side of the pen, there is a plastic end and the lid doesn’t seem to fit so nicely. It kinda feels a little cheap. The length of the staedtler pens is exactly the same as Crayola Supertips, but with these pens you have two ends, so I feel like that is a real bonus. Unfortunately, there doesn’t seem to be any colour names or numbers, so it’s guesswork with that.

The Nibs

Ok, this was interesting… I find the conical nib really holds its’ shape, yet somehow it feels soft. You gotta try it. The tip is really fine and you could write with it if you want. On the angle it’s a little more tricky, and you don’t get as thick a line, unless you are really angling it. Let me show you what I mean:

Thick and thin lines drawn with staedtler pens

So, you can see the very fine line made by just the tip, the second line is the angle I thought I would need to get the full thickness, but no, I went again, with a much more angled approach…then you get the thickness, which is the 3rd line. As for the fine nib, it’s like a really fine felt tip marker. Again, it holds its’ shape and can write very easily. But, angle it and you can get some thickness too. Overall, I am quite impressed with how both of these nibs feel, I prefer the feel of colouring with these staedtler pens then other colouring pens that I have. I wonder do you agree? Let me show you the fine tip, then we will move on..

Lines from the staedtler pens

Colours and Inks

Hmm, where do I start? It was all going so well, wasn’t it. Yes, I’m afraid it is this category that I have some not great things to say. I will say.. the fine nib seems not too bad. But the conical nib, well I find it way too juicy. I am hoping that it’s because they are new, and with use they will become normal, but starting off, I am finding that they do seep through paper quite easily. When you look at the picture above, you will see at both ends of the line there is quite a bit of ink pooling. So, while it is easy to control where you are colouring, it feels like the colour is a little bit trickier. It seems that the colours end up darker than imagined because the ink is so juicy. It does seem to dry quickly though, I haven’t seen any smudging yet. Lastly, some of the colours don’t match the pen lid colours that well, but I have to say, I’m being picky here. The colours seems to be balanced across the spectrum too, which is nice. Here is a picture of the swatches for you:

Swatches from staedtler pens

Summary of Staedtler pens review

I am not sure if these Staedtler pens are new to the market, I haven’t seen too many people talking about them. There are a couple of reviews on YouTube, I watched a couple of them when I was doing my research. Have you tried them? Please, let me know what you think of them..I’m really intrigued. Thanks for reading. Happy colouring bujoplanner friends!