‘The Birch’ Yearly Planner Printable Bundle


The Birch Yearly Planner Printable Bundle!

*[PDF files – no physical product]

  • Undated
  • Monthly & weekly files come in 4 different colors
  • There are 3 options for weekly planners
  • Files are A5 size and printing depends on using the correct printer settings

You will receive 62 PDF files of A5 documents.

See below for more details of the birch yearly planner printable bundle.



The Birch Yearly Planner Printable Bundle Contains:

  • Yearly [this page belongs to, title page, quote page, overview page, important dates page, future log page, goals page, a year in pixels, monthly tracker, weekly tracker, things to check out, quarterly, and memories]
  • Monthly [title, calendar x2 pages, focus dashboard, tasks, vertical calendar, noted]
  • Weekly [3 different styles of weekly pages – a box per day, vertical time blocking style, and week on one page (horizontal)

Total pages = 62 [each of the monthly and weekly pages come in options of 4 different colors, also includes a blank dot grid page]

If you want to learn more about how to create a bullet journal read here.

If you wish to ask me any questions ask me here.

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Also watch a video about the birch planner here.


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