Here we are again, another month has rolled by so quickly. For my September bujo I went for a star theme, which is part of a new tradition that I am hereby sound so formal!

So, this month marks my ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY of creating monthly themes in my bullet journal. My first monthly theme back in September 2018 was a geometric pattern theme and I used just one colour – yellow. I really do love creating patterns and shapes, so I decided for my anniversary month each year (September), I will do a theme that is a shape or pattern, and just stick to one colour. I was thinking about a few different ones, but since in Ireland at the moment the days are starting to get darker earlier in the day, I thought I would go with a star shape.

I actually found drawing stars a lot harder than I expected. This theme was very time consuming, and tricky, to be honest. But having said that, I have found the spreads very functional and am enjoying using this theme. As you can see in the picture above, I am doing a very boxy style font, so I decided to create the cover page simply from the month number – 09. I used a lovely metallic green marker I have, I think it highlighted the stars really well. Just in case you didn’t know, green is my absolute favourite colour.

Here you can see my calendar page, I wanted to keep it quite fuss-free, so went with a simple shooting star. For the days of the week, I simply did a boxy first letter. This month we have some nice things coming up, like Dublin Culture Night, Vegfest, and we also have some friends coming for a visit too, so this page is now looking nicely filled in with all my events.

I am really loving this spread!!!! Normally, I do a word of the day, but I usually keep it to a half page spread. But this month, I felt like I wanted it to be more interesting. I really do love looking back on these word of the day pages, so I am happy I extended it to be a double page spread. I am also changing the font each day for two reasons…1) I am trying to be more creative with font styles, and 2) I have seen others do similar and it makes the page a lot more beautiful aesthetically.

Next, I did a gratitude page. I really don’t like the style of this at But, I will say, that it is really working well for me functionally. This page is not for general gratitude, this is for personal things..things that I appreciate about myself. This is a new idea, but I have really enjoyed it. Some days, I tend to be quite critical and harsh with myself and try to beat myself up over mistakes. This forces me, even when I feel bad about myself, to find something that I appreciated about myself that day. I recommend this for any that tend to be perfectionistic with themselves, it really is a good aid to keeping a balanced perspective about self-worth.

My last monthly spread for September is this habit tracker. This page has me all conflicted, it cracks me On one hand, I am so embarrassed by that star. It’s sooo bad! It looks more like a strange leaf than a star. On the other hand, I love the font for the title, I love the boxes and in general I am preferring this layout of tracker than others I have used in the past. So there you go, I love and hate this

That’s it!! Please keep posted on my Instagram for the weekly spreads @

When you see the weekly spreads you will see that my lovely metallic marker ran dry so I switched to a similar colour Crayola supertips. I hope you found some inspiration for both function and aesthetics for your bullet journal. I look forward to seeing your creations! Happy bujo-ing!