This subject of self-care and bullet journaling is very dear to my heart!

Just over a year ago, my husband was called to do some work abroad for about a month; I was going with him. He had just bought me a bullet journal, so that was my companion as I headed off on this adventure. I was just starting a new job, working from home, so I was starting a new routine too. I had a little bit of time as I was getting settled into things so I took out my bullet journal and pens and started creating something I was always trying to work on…a self-improvement plan.

I didn’t really know what I was doing, but I sat down and thought about my potential and what the best version of me would look like. I divided it into categories that make sense for me. I still believe that these are the most important areas to work on for self-care. They are:


This has started me on a journey that has really improved my self-worth, confidence, and general perspective of things. I feel more balanced and happy. It’s amazing that I may never have done this if it wasn’t for that first bullet journal, and really wanting to make it a special notebook.

So let’s see how it looked.. (I’ll just share the ‘physical’ page and ‘mental’ page so you get the idea)

So, as you can see I used a page for each category of self-care and wrote out four key subheadings. Then, I went back and wrote three points for each subheading. This was personal and specific to things I wanted to grow in and improve. It takes time to sit down and do this kind of work, but it is extremely worth the sacrifice. I now know my specific self-care goals. I use these pages to break down specific actions to try and work on these points for myself. This, I feel, is truly caring for myself.


Take the time to sit down with your bullet journal and pens, and write what taking care of you looks like. Make it pretty, you want this information to inspire you. This might mean you take some scrap paper first, write down your ideas, then transfer the information in a prettier format into your bullet journal. Make sure you think about each of the five categories: SPIRITUAL, PHYSICAL, MENTAL, EMOTIONAL, SOCIAL.

Here are some prompt questions to inspire you.. SP: What is my connection to something higher than me? How can I improve it? PH: What support does my body need from me? How can I give it? ME: Can my brain be encouraged to expand? In what ways? EM: What emotions do I need to give more attention to? How can I stop suppressing them? SO: What relationships do I really want to cherish? How can I do so more?

Hopefully you are now feeling inspired to start writing what you want the best version of you to look like. When you have this done, you can start your self-care plan. Each person plans differently and so please take this as a suggestion only.

Take each category and spend three hours per week doing actions from that category. Maybe focus on one specific subheading, or mix them up if you prefer. Rotate each week and keep moving through each category. Now you are on a continual journey. Remember you are never going to be perfect…I prefer to think…progress not perfection. Just keep adjusting, but always making sure you are including time in your schedule for your number one responsibility – your self!


I wish you great success as you create your self-care plan. Thanks for reading. Please share with me any pictures of your self-care spreads in your bullet journal. You can email me: or send them via Instagram: