Welcome to the planner personality type series. In today’s post we are going to discuss a popular one, hope you enjoy – The Banana Leaf


The Banana Leaf planner personality type is one that is found among the established bosses of the world. They are happy to embrace their desire for a full-on look.

Their planner has a vibe of – ‘I mean business’. They want it to have style but to be in your face. Let’s take a look at the different elements of ‘The Banana Leaf’ planner:


The pages of this planner are fully used. They don’t want to see blank areas on the page, they feel the need to see all areas covered.

If they like decoration, they might be tempted to add those little fill in flourishes, or do a full page of pattern. They, for sure, won’t be happy with seeing something understated and leave it at that. They are urged to add, and add.


The pages of this planner are styled and designed; the decoration is key to the overall look. It’s not just about function here, they like a certain curated art or pattern aesthetic and that is important to this planner.

It may actually take quite a long time to create the art on these pages, but it’s absolutely worth it, because they feel inspired and motivated by the art or pattern they see.


The pages of this planner will not be ‘foiled’ with colour. No. Colour is noise to the monochrome planner person. They prefer the quietness of a planner that has a look of sophistication and neutralness.

The neutral look may be light or dark depending on preference, black being quite a popular choice. The important thing is seeing the beauty in the neutral.


The pages of this planner will feel open and spacious. They do not like the confinement of structured boxes all over the page. They like to see that they have room to move in their planner and let the pen flow if they so desire.

There is a real ‘pen freedom’ vibe about this planner style, they feel inspired by that feeling and can use their planner to their hearts content.


Here are some examples of ‘The Exquisite’ planner:



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