You have probably, like me, read many, many articles with eye catching titles that talk about the “right” way to beat procrastination.  You have probably, like me, tried some of them. You have probably, like me, still got the habit of procrastination. 

I hope you find this article a little bit different. I hope this works for you like it works for me, and I hope you, like me, realise that it is possible to get around this difficult habit of procrastination.

Notice, I did not say get rid of this habit. For example, I don’t like washing dishes, I tend to leave them pile up, because I don’t like doing them. I don’t see there being a way to make me like doing dishes and get excited when I see the sick fill up. That isn’t realistically going to happen, but I can work around the habit of procrastination, and this is how…I use my imagination.


There are two ways that using your imagination works in motivating us. The first way is imagine the consequences. So, let’s go back to the dishes. Ugh!! Alright, I have a choice, I can do the dishes or not. So, now I will use my imagination to see the outcome of both choices. How will I feel at the end of the day if I just leave the dishes? How will I feel at the end of the day if I have done them and have a clear sink?  Compare your results, there is often a choice that becomes a clear winner. Thinking and imagining that feeling of having the clear sink…yes…it feels good to have it done. I want that feeling, so now, I will get up and get those dishes done.

The second way that using our imagination works is to imagine the what if. So, for me that would mean imagine the what if I had no dishes? What if I didn’t have a cup for my coffee? How would I drink my coffee? What if I had no plates? Pretty soon, imagining if we didn’t have that option, we suddenly start to really appreciate. From a place of appreciation, we get motivated to care for and look after what is now important to us.


It took me a little while of thinking about this before the answer came to me. Then it really was like a light bulb moment…. We are emotionally motivated creatures!!!!

It makes perfect sense, we only procrastinate when it is something we don’t want to do…. don’t WANT to do. We only beat procrastination when we create a ‘want to do it’ scenario. With our imagination we do that. We create a motivating emotion. Imagining the feeling of having the dishes done is a motivating emotion. I want that feeling. It becomes a motivation. Imagining not having dishes shows me the importance and value of them, I now want to care for them. 

I still don’t like doing dishes, but, I can find a way to WANT to do my dishes by using this one simple tool – my imagination.

We need to find our WANT for the things we are procrastinating on. Our imagination is so powerful and can really influence us strongly. Unfortunately, we tend to use our imagination only for thinking worse case scenarios and making ourselves worry….but what if…what if we use this amazing tool for our own good. Imagine how motivated we could be if we use this tool in the right way. 

There you are, an extremely simple way to beat procrastination. Just imagine your way to wanting to do things. Please try it…really try it, really use your imagination. You could make some really great choices as a result. I hope you do.