It’s another month! It’s time for my October bujo! As many of you know, I am based in Dublin, Ireland. In October, actually, September sometimes, the weather really starts to get that wintery feel. Sure, technically, it is Autumn, but really, it feels cold and wet; the scarves and the woolly socks are definitely in full use. So, this month I am using that as my theme, but, I wanted nice bright Autumn colours. The two colours in the normal palette that I am not so fond of are yellow and pink, so I really do force myself to use them in my bullet journal…because I want my pens to all dry out Another reason for this theme is that this month I plan to invest in some more cosy socks. I try to limit my buying to one clothing thing per month, and this month it’s socks! I need more, so it is a personal theme choice for me this month. As you can see in the picture above, I am also including, because I’m Irish lol, a cable or knit pattern on each page, in a more neutral cream colour. We do love our winter woollies in Ireland. Hope you feel inspired as I go through my monthly spreads for this month.

Here you see my double page calendar spread. I used a knit stitch pattern around the main calendar block and then just small doodles of winter woolies around the edges. As with the cover page, you can see that I used big bubble writing for this theme..maybe it has a more official name…but I’m calling it…big bubble writing. Somehow I feel I am going to end up buying yellow cosy socks looking at all this yellow all month.

Here for my ‘word of the day’ double page spread, I have used the same joined lettering as I was talking about. I drew three scarves and left spaces for boxes to write thirty-one words. I really loved how this same spread idea turned out in my last month’s setup. I wish in hindsight I had added drop shadows to make the scarves pop off the page, but I am still learning as I go. I also added a different style cable pattern to the end of the page, this one was probably the quickest and easiest of the knitting patterns that I drew.

This page is the most minimal for this month’s spreads. No doodles really, just a box of purl stitching around my gratitude per day. This was a new idea for me last month, to make the gratitude personal, so I wrote what I appreciated about me. It worked well and I am repeating it for this month too, I might change it for next month. Does anyone else continually keep changing their spread choices? Also, here, you can see I am back to the big bubble writing. That’s all to this page really…

On the other side of this double page is my habit tracker. I’m not going to lie…I LOVE THIS PAGE. I don’t know why, it just gets me all excited! It has a wavy scarf and funky cosy socks, what’s not to love. It’s bright, but kinda simple too. Actually, because of the amount of knitting pattern on the gratitude page, I decided not to put any knitting on this side of the page. I think they balance each other out. It’s inspiring enough that one day into the month and I’m completely on track with all my habits. HAHA. Personal testimony for you!

That’s it really for the monthly spreads. They are the same as last month in function, but I can see myself changing them up for next month. So keep posted. I’ll share with you the first weekly spread for the month too, but, please do go to my Instagram [] to keep up to date on all the photos that are not shared here. Also another little bit of news is that I will soon be starting to sell monthly bujo packs in my etsy shop, there is a link here from the website, it’s the ‘SHOP’ button, if you want to check them out. Stay tuned and I look forward to seeing all your October themes and doodles. Til next time bujoplanner friends!!