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Hello again dear bujoplanner friends. I have quite the bullet journal story to tell you this month. It’s been a journey, but it’s here! I have an October bujo setup to share with you, finally.

So…throughout the last month I have been really unhappy with my planner. A while back I decided to cut the felt cover off, so I am just left with the ring binder clip thing. It’s awful! Also, I have been experimenting with different papers, because I am near to launching my own full year planner. So I have setups from about 5 different paper types. 😫

The journey of producing my own branded planner has been hard on my own actual planner. I’ve had all the scrappy gone wrong experiments happening in my own planner. The result of all of this is that I have not been feeling the joy as much from it. Time was going by and I had nothing. I told myself that it was ok, the pressure was from me, I didn’t have to do it every month. But yesterday…

….I just couldn’t help myself!

I threw together this setup and I absolutely love it. As you can see from the picture above I did a leaves theme. They are really quick to do and really effective.

So, here is a picture of the full double spread. I put the cover page on the left. I forgot to write the word there, but my focus word for the month is ‘release’. I wrote the definition which is: to unfasten or let go of something held or bound. If you know of any quotes connected to this, please let me know. This month, instead of going for the calendar, I thought ‘why not do my focus page right here’. So, I went with this focus page on the right where I write a quote or verse every day for the month connected to that word.

I also included my markers here in the picture, just in case anyone is wondering what I’ve used. All my outlines are using a Uni Pin Fine Line in dark grey 0.5. I really like this grey outline now, rather than black. I prefer the lighter look. I am then using 3 crayola colours from the set here. Then I have 1 of my staedtler markers from the set here.

Here is the next page, I went with a calendar that has 5 days on one side and just 2 on the other. Which gave me a nice amount of room to include this task box. I think it will be nice to see them all on one page, almost like a monthly overview. Something different that I did this month was…I decided to start my weeks with Sunday. Myself and the hubby tend to have Saturday afternoon as our true ‘weekend’ time. So I tend to do my hobby, which is planning, lol, on Saturday. So, I just thought, it’s probably going to be more convenient if I do this.

The final spread for the month is this page. It’s a double page spread with the title ‘NOTED’. I guess some might say it’s a brain dump. But I am calling it ‘noted’ because I hope it will remind me that I should be listening to myself more. The four columns are dividing the days, so the first one is the 1st to the 8th, etc. I plan to use this to write personal development notes, ideas for work and just general things that I want to remember.

So, there we go. I threw together these 3 double pages, and I now have somewhat of a plan for October. I still have more experimenting to do to get my branded planner ready, but I really am going to try to keep this separate and not mess this up.

Let me know what ideas you have used to plan for this October and if you have any questions about time and energy mastery. I am here to help. See you next time friends 👋