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It’s time for another monthly bullet journal setup. This time it’s my November bujo! This time around, I took my hubby’s suggestion on theme and focus word. He is very helpful and supportive. 😬 It’s November and in Ireland, where we are, the nights really start to get dark early. Sometimes it can be getting dark from 4pm in the afternoon, so this is what my theme is..dark city nights. The other point about this theme is that I wanted something that was really easy and quick to do, because I have been very busy this month and wanted to be able to throw this theme together, if that makes sense. Let’s look in more detail..

November cover bullet journal setup monthly spread

This is the first double spread for the month. This is the same idea as last month, I put the cover page on the left and on the right is my focus word page. I usually like to link the theme and the word, so this month works well. Since the night is often when we sleep and are at rest, the word ‘peace’ makes sense. On the page on the right, for each day I write an experience or quote to do with the focus. The font I have used for the headings is a scribbly style font, but I like it. It’s basically doing two lines for each letter then scribbling in between them. Next up…

November bullet journal calendar monthly bujo spread planner

This month I am trying a calendar style that I saw on Facebook. Unfortunately, it was a quick glance, and so I don’t have the credit to the person. I’m sorry for that. But basically it’s a vertical style calendar, each week given to a line. I thought that visually it looked amazing, but I wanted to see how it works in the planner, so I am giving it a try this month. I guess you will see from next month’s setup if it worked or not. 😂. With all that extra space on the right, I have given space to write highlights from each week. I also have a box for oopsies, one for giggles, and one for movies & books I watch or read. So hopefully this will be a nice page to look back on for memories.

Bullet journal self care valuable monthly spread

This is a new idea for me. It’s a self-worth building page. I plan to use it with my weekly self-care focus. So, for example, if my self-care focus is mental [intellectual] then I will write down what is valuable about my thought, intellect and brain. This way I will be starting each day with a little reminder of my value and what I bring to the world, which is a nice thought for each and every day.

On the right side of the spread is the start of my task list. I say this because I have three pages of task lists. 😂. I’m a very detailed person, so I actually have a whole page of cleaning tasks for the month. Then there is work, self-care, and other random things. I used to keep these in another part of my planner, but I have decided it’s a pain to keep moving around in the planner so now I have them with the monthly setup. But if you think it excessive – I understand lol.

monthly bujo setup task to do list bullet journal spread idea

This is the other two pages of my task list. I actually think this double spread is my favourite for this month. I just love the skyline look going across the top of the two pages. It is so simple and easy to do this look too. It’s like dot grid paper is made for this!

So, that’s the final monthly setup for November. The products that I used are my usuals – Crayola supertips and Staedtler

You will notice that I haven’t got my usual ring binder setup. I am trying out disc planners. I might just do a separate review on these to explain the pros and cons.

Thanks for reading, I hope you have an inspirational planner ready to go for the month of November. If you want to more ideas, check out a throw back to last year’s November theme.

I hope you have a great month. Happy planning bujoplanner friends! 👋

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