This is the inspiration you need to see and find out if any of these medium term plan examples speak to you and become your new way to plan and achieve your goals. Are you detail oriented, or a you a vision board kind of person?

What is a Medium Term Plan

‘Medium Term Planning’ is planning for a specific leg of a journey. It takes your long term goals and chooses a specific sub section or smaller timeline, thus breaking it down into a smaller planning frame.

What that means in normal speech is =

  • A plan for a medium time duration [in this article we will refer to a medium term plan as 3 month planning, or quarterly planning]
  • A plan for a medium task list [this is imaging you already have a long term plan or some final goal in mind and you are now taking a small group of tasks to plan for now]

So let us know dive into the medium term plan examples and take a look at what might suit you. The three factors are:

  • 1} How structured you are?
  • 2} How detail oriented you are?
  • 3} What aesthetics you prefer?

Structured Planning

First we will start with an example of a simple, structured medium term plan example:

A simple medium term plan example with structure - 3 different lists for 3 different months

For those that like structure but want to keep things really simple, why not try 3 simple columns with a month in each one. Make your list of tasks for each month and you have a plan. Don’t forget plans can be as simple or as complicated as you want them to be. Know what works for YOU!

Now for a more detail oriented, structured medium term plan example:

A detailed medium term plan examples with section for goals, notes and action steps planning which month to do which task.

Here is the plan that I personally use. I prefer structure and I like details. Here I can make good notes and list quite a lot of action steps deciding which month I will do what. I can transfer my long term goal straight into the top section which keeps me focused on the overall goal while I work on the details.

As you can see I could go on about why I like this planning style, it has served me over and over again. I love it. Let me know if you decide to try out this same style.

Open Style Planning

First we will look at a simple, open style medium term plan example:

A simple list style medium term plan examples. It just has a title and a list

Can you call that a plan, I hear you ask?

Well yes, you know why?

I asked my husband how he would set about making a 3 month plan, and this is pretty much what he said…I would think of what I wanted to do, and I’d write it down.


I include this because it is an absolutely tried and tested planning style, never underestimate the power of just creating one simple list!

Now for a more detail oriented, open medium term plan example:

Picture of a mind map style medium term plan examples. Branches include project name and what to delegate and the time plan

What do you think of this one, it is more of a mind map style plan. It can contain whatever branches you need for your specific plans. It can be as scribbly and scrawly as you want, you can let the pen roam free with this one. It’s great for a stream of conscious person that just wants to get their ideas more organized.

Aesthetic Planning

Finally, I want to address the final factor to be included in your medium term plans – the aesthetics!

This can be make or break for your inspiration. You want something that is going to keep you coming back to it again and again. It should motivate you.

So here is my final one in my medium term plan examples:

Picture of a medium term plan examples that is like a vision board. It has lots of decoration and pictures.

This is a vision board style of planning. You could say it has the layout of the simple structured style, but it has the aesthetic of a visual person. They will look at this and get motivated in an instant.

So what is your planner aesthetic?

If you are not sure you can check out this article here!



In conclusion the elements to creating the right medium term planner for YOU is to take into account 3 factors – structure, details, aesthetics.

I hope the examples helped and that you will soon be on your way to great medium term planning.

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