Wasn’t April strange? I have a feeling May will be too, and so it’s time for my May bujo setup. How are getting on with your bujo? I have seen a lot of people mention that they are struggling to know what to put in their bujo planners at the moment. I get that! My husband currently isn’t using his. But, I am viewing it that I have still got the opportunity to plan, it’s just different things than I used to plan. So here I am, fully committed to planning my May! Lol.

As you can see with the opening picture, this theme is quite full on. My planner printables this month are alliums. I absolutely love big giant allium flowers, they are so striking. But, I decided for my pattern this month, I wanted to add a brick background. It was time consuming to colour the whole page, and I find the brick colours are slightly too dark for my liking. But, I have to say, I love the overall effect. I’ve gone with a big angular type font in green and somehow I think it matches the brick quite well. On to the calendar:

More colouring…..and more colouring…… Yes, this theme took hours. Remember last month I did two calendars, one for events and one for a meal plan and habit tracker. It was ok, but I found it easier to stick to the usual method of having my meal planner on the fridge door, so, this is just one calendar, that includes both my events and if you zoom in you will see I have a little box for each day, which is my habit tracker. I did quite big boxes for the calendar this month, these are 6×6 spaces. Now, let’s talk money:

I have included a new tracker page this month, it’s a money tracker page. With most of our finances my hubby has a fabulous spreadsheet that he uses to keep us on track. But, the one area I am pretty much responsible for is the food expenses. So, to keep on budget with our food expenses I created this spread to track spending and plan ahead. The top section is the budget, I will colour it in as we spend it. The next section is the monthly tracker that has 5 columns for each week. Then the last section is the week by week tracker that has 5 rows for each week and 7 columns for each day. I think I might write a post on this tracking system in the future. Next up..tasks:

Here I write all the tasks for the month, obviously, lol! On the left, I have 5 different categories, like home, self-care, etc. Then on the right I have 5 different weeks. So, I write the tasks and then colour in the category and the week I plan to do it. I again spent ages colouring all the extra space, but, I love the aesthetic of having the page fully covered. Let me know what you think! Now..my favorite:

Here it is!!! You didn’t think I would forget about it did you? It’s my ‘one word a day’ page. Unfortunately, by the time I have made 31 boxes for the days, I had no space to make a box for a title…but, that’s ok with me. This was super tricky to colour in. I continually thought I was making mistakes, and colouring in the actually word boxes, but it turns out I wasn’t and it was all fine! My last spread:

My final spread is when I take a word for the month, and write something about it each day. Sometimes it’s a quote from Pinterest, sometimes it’s a verse from the Bible, and sometimes it’s an experience or something I have personally learned. It will be really nice to focus on peace throughout May….do you have any suggestions for me for quotes or things to try to promote peace? Let me know!

Before I sign off today, I just want to talk a little bit about why you can still feel inspired to work in your bujo. If you have more time, then the very process of creating the spreads is a great way to stay creative throughout this time. I might have mentioned that my spreads for this month took a long time, did I mention that? Lol. That was absolutely ok with me, I enjoyed the colouring, it relaxes me. So, this is something that you can consider, can you do more art or spend more time in a relaxing hobby that you enjoy? If so, go for it. Even if you aren’t using your planner like you usually would do, that’s ok, there is no law about using planners. I believe in you that you can find joy in the beauty that can be created in your favourite, relaxing hobby whatever that might be. Create what brings you joy! Happy creating my bujoplanner friends, sending much love!