This feels kinda crazy….I did a Koala theme for my March bujo, because of the Australian wild fire situation (I was drawing the theme in February). Now, we have been thrown into another disaster…the pandemic of COVID-19. I don’t think I will do a theme based on that though. In the meantime, as I look at this theme, I am still hoping that the Koala species is doing well in their healing and recovery.

Just to give you a few specifics on this theme…I have used 5 colours: black, a bluey grey, a super light grey, a dark earthy red and a orangey terracotta colour (I hope you like my descriptions lol). As my pattern, to go with the Koalas, I used triangles, don’t ask me why, I just did. You don’t see it in the pictures, but, this month I used a different paper when printing the printables. It is thicker and does have less visible ghosting, however, it does soak though the paper a bit so the dark red colour is a little visible in places.

Here you are seeing my calendar spread. For this month, I went with the open style, so each day has a little triangle for the date, but the space is open. I personally prefer the closed box style, but sometimes, like this month, I decided to change for the sake of variety. This month had a slight complication: if your weeks go from Mon – Sun, like mine do, the calendar spreads 6 weeks. My planner calendars have 5 rows, as that is the usual, so I had to make a little adjustment and add the last 2 days of the month back onto the first row. Really it’s no problem, I still have all the days.

My next spread is my spending tracker. It’s making an alternative use of my mood tracker. I like doing it, although, sometimes I find myself alarmed by how much I am spending. Also…..this is funny….please tell me you relate….I get annoyed if I’m colouring in the same colour for a few days in a row. I want it to have a good balance of all the colours. Maybe this style of tracker is not for me, or maybe it’s a good lesson in acceptance, for now, I’m not too sure.

This is my ‘word of the day’ spread. This time I am sharing it half filled in, because I often talk about how fun it looks as a review of the month, but I never really show it. So, now I am showing you what I do with different fonts etc., I hope you get inspired to do something equally fun for you. It really is wonderful for me to look back on these pages each month. Oh, I should mention, for this spread I used one of the blank pages from the set, then drew my own boxes and title; I miscalculated though, so the first of the month got a different size box, oh well.

My next spread this month is my ‘habits tracker’. Please don’t judge me at how bad I am doing with my habits. Ugh…what can I say, it’s been a difficult month for me. Anyways, you can see here that I use a different colour for each week. That is my system, for each week I have a different colour for marking off tasks and colouring in trackers etc.. I also have tried a system this month of marking off Thurdays for my pm routine, and Sundays for cleaning. Now that I’m half way through – I don’t like it, lesson learned. I won’t be including that next month. Can I just point out that this is the reason I love bullet journaling so much, I just continue to tweak and alter all the time, and it just keeps being fun.

Lastly, I am giving you a little sneak view of my last monthly spread. I decided on a focus word for the month, this month it’s ‘Joy’. Each day, I am writing something about joy, either a quote I like, an experience or some profound truth I have learned about joy. I’m enJOYing it…get it?

Now, if you have been following my monthly set ups for a while, you will know I normally have a task page, with all my monthly tasks on it. This month I decided to separate the ‘ugly’ planner bits from the decorated pages. I am not happy with this decision, I’ll be going back to keeping them together next time. I realise now that I want all my planner bits, functional or frivolous to look inspiring and motivational.

That’s it! I hope you enjoyed seeing these koala themed monthly spreads, let me know if you have any feedback. At the moment, because of the virus, we are in lockdown here in Ireland, so hopefully I will have more time to spend on my bullet journal and creating content for you. Thanks for reading, happy planning!