I experienced a lost bujo mojo myself recently…like yesterday..lol. I was feeling very disappointed with my bullet journal. Especially the art, I felt it was rubbish. That harsh critical inner voice was telling me that I did not measure up to the other artists out there. I should give up, it was a waste of my time. I wasn’t feeling joy doing it, so why continue? Do these sentiments sound familiar to you? Have you ever lost your bujo mojo? Then, let’s dive into this subject together!

So, yesterday, I was setting up my cover page and calendar for next month. I don’t know why, but I was rushing it. I guess I have been feeling recently that I’m a bit over-busy, and indulging time in art hobbies is not much of an option. So I spent very little time with the pencil and quickly moved on to ink…big mistake! I can do good art, I know I can. But taking out the pen when I am not happy with the pencil work, is not going to make me feel differently about the result. When I get into that mode of thinking..’I’ll fix it as I go’…it’s usually a disaster. That’s when I get left with those feelings…this is time consuming and I’m rubbish! Let me show you what happened?

Yes! Despite knowing that there are people in the world fighting to stay alive…this was what devastated and crushed me yesterday! On top of that..my new brush pens bleed through the paper in my bullet journal, I got the perspective all wrong on my cover page art, and my printables are not selling on Etsy! Why is everything going wrong?!?!


Okay, so you definitely get the idea that I was feeling blue about my bullet journal, so how did I turn it around? What can you do to get back that bujo mojo?

The first thing I did was talk to my husband about it. He has always been such a huge inspiration for me, since I started using bullet journals; he encourages me, believes in me and supports me. I know right…the best husband in the world! He likened my depth perception mistake to being like cubist style..things were already starting to feel less horrible. The point of this is that we all need support sometimes. I really suggest that if you know you have times where you get too critical and discouraged with yourself…find your cheerleader! Find that person who will help you see a different view and put you back in the land of ‘maybe it’s not that bad’.

The second thing I did was to look back through my bullet journal. I looked at some of the doodles and art that I really liked and was really really proud of. Let me just say though, this was not just for the ego trip!! Feeling like an amazing artist was not my goal here. I wanted to learn, to really figure out where to get back my inspiration. I realised as I looked at some of my favourite bits and pieces that I prefer simple, clean doodles….I was learning more about my style. I realised that I also really love patterns, especially geometric. So, my suggestion for you, if you have lost your bujo mojo is to get re-inspired. Check back to see what art really brought you joy and motivation. What is your true style? Let me show you my favourite page so far in my bullet journal..

My last step in getting my bujo mojo back was to plan…set new goals…tweak and adjust what I am doing. In the previous step you saw that I learned what my true style was, I learned how I had gone away from that. I learned that I was making things too complicated in my bullet journal. I learned where I could adjust things to combine my Instagram and my Etsy. I learned so much! So, now, it was time to tweak. I realised some adjustments that I could make that would get me back to my happy bujo place. I feel this could absolutely work for you too. Once you have accepted reality, learned from it, you are now in a perfect place to make any changes you want to make…not because you have to but because you are inspired to.


Most important in this whole post is…don’t give up. Just because our thoughts or emotions might condemn us as a person, does not mean they need to control what choices we make. I believe that you probably started doing bullet journaling in the beginning because you loved it, and I believe you can absolutely get back to that point, so, please, don’t give up!!! Carry on bujoing, and I hope that following these steps will help you get back your wonderful creativity mojo! Thanks for reading, til next time, bujo planner friends!