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There are so many Bullet Journals out there!!!

Today, I am going to focus on explaining the good and the bad of the Lemome Bullet Journal that you see in the picture here. It’s my personal journal, this post is not sponsored in any way.

The good =

Firstly, it was easy to find and buy. Here it is on: ebay.uk

I was really attracted to the fact that it described it as an eco-design. I’m definitely into that idea. It has a beautiful cork cover. I honestly have not seen a more beautiful Bullet Journal cover. It’s soft and easy to handle, all the things you want. I was also attracted to the price, I have seen Bullet Journals a lot more expensive. This one is £11.97 [at time of writing].

The design is nice, it has an elastic strap and pen/pencil holder, as you can see in the picture above. They are nice little touches. It also arrived in a beautiful sleek box. I was loving it right from the start, to be honest. It also has a pocket on the inside of the back cover that contained a beautiful sheet of 6 tab stickers, as you can see in the picture below..

Now, getting into the notebook…the pages are thick! I love that even when using dark colour markers there is no bleeding though onto the next page. Perfect for doodling. I find the bullet dots a very nice shade, they are strong enough to work with, but don’t dominate on the page.

The bad =

Now, I will get into the things I don’t like. Really there are only two things that are annoying me when using this bullet journal. That could be a lot worse!

The first thing is that the pages are perforated. This is honestly annoying. I don’t plan on ripping out any of my pages and if I did, I would not leave behind the stub part of the page. So it really seems to serve no purpose for me. If you do think it’s a useful feature, then let me know why….Lol!

The reason I find it annoying is that it is the one weak spot of the page. So, at that point you will get bleeding coming though the page, I will show you a picture so you can see an example..

The second and last point to mention is that the pages are not consistent with the number of grid spacings. On the last page of the notebook I put a grid spacing guide, so that I could use it to work quickly on making spreads. Unfortunately, I soon discovered that although my guide told me the pages had 54 spaces across the double page spread, the page I was working on had 52. So each time I have to double check how many spaces I have and re-calculate the spread that I am going to do. This does add time and is quite annoying!

Summary =

In summary, I would say that the good outweighs the bad. I generally love working with the notebook and still am inspired by the beauty of the cover. I truly, truly love this cover!

I hope you found this review helpful, if you want to ask any further questions about it, please go ahead. The important thing is to use your bullet journal to the full and find it a joy to keep doodling and planning!!