It’s special month time and therefore a special June bujo setup. That’s right, June is a special month for me, because it is our wedding anniversary. This year is a bit of a milestone, it’s 20 years of marriage. I had decided to do butterflies as my theme, but I wanted to incorporate some kind of love into the theme, so I did a background light pink pattern of xoxox in every dot square. I did all the colouring for this theme with my new Staedtler markers, if you want to know my thoughts on them check out my review here.

For the font on this theme I went with a very sprawled cursive kind of writing. Actually on some spreads I think you can hardly read the title, but I am totally ok with that. I like the look and it was the look I was going for. The boxes this month are with rounded corners, again, it’s going for a bit of a softer, romantic look. Now for the calendar:

As you can see on the left, the butterfly from the cover page is quite visible. I went back to using thin paper this month, I have realised I much prefer it. I actually don’t mind the ghosting at all, just not a fan of bleed proof. But this bleed proof paper is pretty good, even with these juicy markers. This month, instead of blanking out the extra days, I decided to make use of those boxes, so I have ‘achievement’, ‘fav moment’, ‘spiritual gem’, ‘fav thing learned’, and ‘funniest oopsie’. It will be nice to see month highlights on the same page as the calendar.

Here is my old faithful – word of the day – spread. I choose a word to represent the day and try to do a different font for each day. I like the practice of experimenting with different fonts.

Then on the right side is this – money – spread. It is a bit strange I know, but Wednesdays are my new weekend. I find it a good day for doing all my stuff, my self care, my bullet journaling, etc. So my week tends to run from Thursday to Wednesday, so this money tracker is a calendar that is laid out, with the first day of the week being Thursday. I write the amount I’ve spent on food, then I do a week countdown, a month countdown and a month running total. That probably makes no sense at all. Oh well, I understand!

This month for my tasks, I change the layout to be on its side. So now I have more room for fitting more tasks in. I have my weeks colour coded and I am set to start filling up this page with loads of jobs for the month, starting with … pain the kitchen. Anyone else using lockdown as pain the house time?

So, this is usually a habit tracker, but I am using it for a slightly different purpose. It’s keeping track of my rotating schedules. For example, I have ‘swish’ as one of them. One day I swish the kitchen and the next day I swish the bathroom. This really means giving the sink a good scrub down and a few extra bits. So I will just write either a ‘k’ or a ‘b’ in the box and colour it each day. Rotating schedules work really well for me because they put me under no pressure and therefore prevent me from getting overwhelmed. If you want to read more check it out here.

This is my last spread in my monthly setup. Its title is ‘good looking’. It’s probably not what you think, because it isn’t about appearances lol. The idea is to counter attack my critical nature and to try to look for good, both in myself and in others. So each day I am going to write down some good that I have observed that day, so I am ‘good’ looking, get it? Lol. By the way, this is one of my weekly spreads that I am using for this spread, but just dividing up each day so that I can fit the whole month in.

That’s it folks! Well, I actually might still make an additional page for Social Media content and a page for my daily habits. I have until tomorrow to decide on that. Stay tuned on my Instragram account for extra pictures and tips throughout the month. Thanks for reading, happy planning my bujoplanner friends. 👋