It’s a new month! Yay!! The inspiration for my July bujo is.. I will be traveling. I will be going by plane, train and automobile, lol. So, expect to see a variety of modes of transport this month. Let me walk you through this month’s spreads…

Firstly, you can see my cover page in the picture above. The idea was .. I am in the airport with my suitcase, looking out of the window at the plane I am about to board. For the first time, I am using lettering stamps. These are really fun and cute and I think they work really well with the sepia colours. Also, I have to give a shoutout to my husband, as he chose the sepia coloured markers that I am using this month.

My next spread is, of course, the same as always …. calendar! I had an idea that the boxes for the days could be created out of something travel-y, so I went with railway tracks. It was an aerial view, which then left me trying to doodle an aerial view of some trains too. This wasn’t so easy, it was basically guess work, and then in the end, I really couldn’t decide what I thought of the overall look. Let me know what you think…all feedback welcome!

My next spread is a bit different from last month. I have kept one side for “word of the day’. I do like having this page, because when I scan back through previous months, it gives me some instant memories. The right hand side is the slightly different page. Before I had space for writing about the day, but I really wanted to keep track of different emotions that I was feeling. So I have created a feeling page; I am going to write a list of Brene Brown’s core emotions and fill in spaces whenever I feel any of these emotions. For anyone that is interested the list of emotions are: Anger, Anxious, Belonging, Blame, Curious, Disappointed, Disgust, Embarrassment, Empathy, Excited, Fear/Scared, Frustrated, Gratitude, Grief, Guilt, Happy, Humiliation, Hurt, Jealous, Joy, Judgement, Lonely, Love, Overwhelmed, Regret, Sad, Shame, Surprised, Vulnerability, Worried. It’s an alternative to a mood tracker, so let’s see how we go.

And, just like that, we are down to the final double spread of the monthly pages. I have kept it more simple this month. I’ve taken out the brain dump, and the productivity tracker. Hopefully, I will find this simpler setup more useful. The last double spread is my tracker page. On the left, it’s my self-care, cleaning and everything tracker. Check my Instagram if you want to see last month’s filled out tracker. On the right, is my ‘5 a day’ tracker. It’s my cute page of suitcases where I track 5 things per day. Here is the picture:

That’s it!! I Hope you have enjoyed looking through my July Bujo monthly spreads and that you have gotten some inspiration. The weekly spreads are also cute so check them on my Instagram @

Let me know if you have any comments or questions and keep posted for more bujo tips and tricks. Happy journaling!