It is officially the second half of the year 2020! It’s time for my July bujo. I think we are all starting to get used to dealing with future uncertainties, but I hope to take this month and make the best that I can of it. My theme for this month has a background diagonal block geometric pattern with 2 different greys. Then I went with sunflowers for my doodles. I like the contrast between the greys and the mustard and brown colours. You might be able to see on the left that rather than leaving this page blank, I decided to put my focus word here, and write a dictionary definition of the word. It gets me into the right mindset, when I know exactly what I am focusing on.


I tried to go really think about what spreads I want to include this time. If you follow my Bujo Setups month by month, you will know that I am a person who does not stick to the same spreads for long. It is why bullet journals really work for me, I can change my mind and try new things and it allows for that. But this month I have a few projects on the go. I also re-did my yearly spreads for the second half of the year, so I just wanted to keep the the minimum. One of the first to be included was of course my calendar spread. I did smudge the bottom left corner, you can kinda see a yellow glow, but that’s life. The Staedtler marker I used for the mid brown colour was way too juicy, and smudgy, so after this I changed it to a Crayola of a similar colour.


Sorry about the quality of this photo, it’s completely off center…but hopefully you get the idea. On the left is my focus page, my focus being ‘patience’ like I mentioned. I changed this last month and I wasn’t happy so I’ve gone back to doing what I was before, which is – each day I write a quote, verse or experience connected to the focus word. Then on the right I have my usual ‘word of the day’ spread, where I write in different fonts each day.


There is all sorts wrong with this. The picture itself is bad! Also, can you see the page on the right, I completely messed up the geometric I have this one spread that has a different pattern to the rest. 🤦‍♀️ Some months are just like that. For me, this was one of those months. Instead of putting all my regular monthly tasks here, I have gone with more of a brain dump goals page. The regular things I have started to schedule differently. So, I’m going to see how this works for me.

Other than these, I have a page for money and time tracking…(don’t have a photo), then I am into my weekly spreads. It’s a bit simple, like I said, and there is a reason. I have some exciting projects on the go, hopefully I will be able to announce what they are soon. But for now that’s my July setup. I would love to hear how you are organising your month, feel free to let me know. Happy planning friends 👋