Yes, it is nearly the end of January. So, consider this post inspiration for January 2021, lol. It seemed to be a bit last minute to get myself setup for my January bujo. I use my printables now, which makes things a whole lot easier, but I hadn’t really given enough time to decide what spreads I wanted; I will be making some changes for next month.

As you can see, my theme is snowflakes, with a bar that has a diamond pattern. Here is the thing…I like doodles and drawings, but I also like geographic type patterns, so I have officially decided I can have both. I have gone for a very pastel colour scheme, a light blue, green and pink, and also a grey too.

My next spread is the calendar spread. It is quite an open planner style, if you don’t like your planner to look full of square boxes, then this might be a style that suits you. The printables are undated, so I filled in the days and with the empty days I just added a few extra snowflakes. We have visitors this month and seem to have loads of appointments so this page looks very different now..completely filled up.

I hadn’t mentioned the font before, I went with a quirky mix of lower and upper case letters, I rather like it. I think it looks fun. This is my habit tracker, I am using all six. I have started a system of numbering rather than just ticking the boxes. So, every time I do a habit I raise the number by one, for example, for my morning routine I am number 16 at the moment. It seems to give me motivation to do them each day.

This image I have made a little bigger so you can see an alternative idea for a mood tracker. I don’t use this style of mood tracker, but since I made the printable, I wanted to make use of it, so, I came up with the idea of doing a spending tracker. I use a different colour for different categories: no spend = blue, €0.01-€20 = green, €20-€50 = grey, over €50 = pink. I am really enjoying using it. Each of the snowflakes are slightly different anyway and then with the different colours, I think it looks really pretty.

The last monthly spread is a social media planner and a task page. These are using my blank pages so I made these spreads for my personal use. I decided I wanted to have a better plan for when I am posting on social media, so, I set this up. Now, I can just look at my day and see what platforms I will be posting on that day. I know people say to post every day on everything, but, I hate the idea of spamming people with my stuff, so, I am a regular poster, but, not every day. Then for my tasks for the month, I add things here from my yearly goals. I have the week numbers on the right so I can plan what I am doing each week to spread the tasks across the month.

Please stay tuned for next month, I think I should be able to post it sooner, and hopefully a completely different mix of spreads. Let me know if you have any thoughts or feedback for these spreads, I am always happy to hear. I think that’s it, so until next time, happy planning!