There are times we all need inspiration. This article is for anyone wanting to get some September Bujo Theme ideas for inspiration to create their own beautiful September bullet journal. [All photos used have had permission given]

My Own Designs

Picture of page with 09 decorated. It gives September bujo theme ideas
A page with a geometric design and the title September - it’s for september bujo theme ideas.

First of all, I thought I would share a couple of my own examples. I have been using a bujo planner for about 4 years now, so these are just two of the designs I have used.

In fact the one on the right is my first ever ’themed’ month. I did create a monthly planner for the August of that year, but September was my first theme. Since then I have committed to a tradition of always doing a pattern design for the month of September, rather than art decoration.

Now let’s get into some of your wonderful September Bujo Theme ideas…

Amazing designs on Instagram

Our first design comes from bullet_medical. What is not to love about this beautiful design. The colours are a stunning choice. I’d imagine as well that this design is easy to create. The background colour of the leaf is applied first and the art drawn on top with a fairly thick black. Really creative I think, and a design I might want to recreate myself in the future.

What about this amazing mushroom theme from catsplanner? I absolutely love the idea of the mushrooms on the ground. It gives a whole vibe – the tree, leaves and mushrooms – you can’t get much more September than that. What a beautiful title as well! SOO creative!

Here is an incredibly appropriate theme for September from mydailybullet. I love the blackboard, somehow with the colouring it actually really does look like a blackboard amazing. You have the wonderful school accessories – the classic pencil, and paint brush. Then for a fabulously fun element to this theme there is an adorable mouse. What a fun and creative theme.

This is such an inspirational theme for September from snack.otak. All this with what seems like a black pen..and yet…doesn’t it manage to give wonderful summer vibes. I love the art work, it has a sketchy style which is just fabulous. I also think it is such an appropriate theme, I’m in Ireland, and often we do have very nice weather in September which really inspires us to get to the sea as much as possible. Wonderful theme!

This plaid theme is perfect from nicole.josephine. Many people get themselves worked up with pressure about doing beautiful art in their bullet journal, but to me this is exactly what solution we need. Something that makes our planner look beautiful while not taking forever to create. I have done this kind of theme a few times, and for some reason, it reminds me of a Scottish blanket which definitely has the right feel for Autumn/Fall.

It would be just pure wrong of me not to include a coffee theme for September and I absolutely love this one from bridgetsjournal. It’s extremely well done, it feels like everything on that page is all about coffee. September just seems like a perfect month for a coffee theme. It’s not hot chocolate season, but you are starting to get hot drink ideas. It’s so creative to have those natural looking coffee stains on the page too. So lovely!

Here is a wonderful stationery theme from bujo_cupcake. I thought this highlighted what a delecate theme could look like. It’s not taking up the whole page, it’s not big and bright, it’s small, delecate and light. I really love it. Who wouldn’t want to go back to school if their planner had this gorgeous theme? I also love that the title is on notebook paper. I don’t know about you but it inspires me to see such creative titles.

Here we have this beautiful sunflower theme by created_by_nana. Honestly, it’s just beautiful. I have done a sunflower theme before but nothing as neat and lovely as this one. It truly is inspiring. I love the colours – especially the slightly muted green on the stems and leaves. I also want to mention about this one – look at that font for the month title. Just so neat as a pin. Very beautiful and elegent.

Finally we have a theme that feels beautifully Autumnal by sandracherryhrt. It has the most gorgeous berry colour and the green is beautiful too. Very rich and earthy colours. I love the coverage of the art all over the page, this is a trend that really is beautiful. It makes a planner really feel special.

Here is an amazing idea from bujo.sine. I actually saw quite a lot of kite themes for September themes and it’s a great idea. This one looks like it was created purely from mildliners and that makes this theme a great choice if you are traveling or don’t have lots of supplies.

Finally, here is a fantastic idea from thatjournalingguy. I love this travel theme. It truly is inspiring me to take off. Since I am going on holiday [vacation] this September, I was really feeling the vibe of this September theme. Nicely done!

Final thoughts and ideas

Aren’t these some beautiful September Bujo theme ideas. Thanks to all involved for letting me share. There, of course, are others. Here are some ideas:

  • Picnic baskets
  • Wheat fields
  • Apples
  • Afternoon tea
  • Music – guitars
  • City scenes – buildings
  • Books
  • Butterflies

I know you will be able to come up with some amazing themes yourself. Please do consider sharing your themes in the comments below. I would love to hear more ideas.

Of course my own theme will be a geometric pattern. If you want to see what it looks follow me on Instagram or Facebook as I will be sharing.

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