You have your bujo and you know your habits so now you just need some Bujo habit tracker ideas and you are on your way. This article is an all included guide just for you!

What Habits Should I Track in my Bullet Journal?

There are so many options here. There could be 100 habits to track. Habits come in many forms. For example, here is a habit tracker ideas list:

  • Morning routine
  • Evening routine
  • Hobbies
  • Cleaning tasks
  • Self-care tasks
  • Financial habits
  • Relationship goals
  • Media usage
  • Work tasks
  • Children tasks
  • Pet or Plant care

The list really could go on and on, and others have in fact made such lists. For example here is 121+ Habit Tracker Ideas

How many Habits can you Build at Once?

Consider the desired outcome

So you might want to have different trackers for bullet journal use, but really think about what the purpose is.

Will you want to improve in this habit, or are you doing it for observation, or are you just wanting you bujo to have a nice aesthetic?

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If you want to really improve in something, don’t overwhelm yourself with tracking 20 different habits.

So to answer the question of how many habits can you build at once, I would suggest one or two.

Many 3 if they are stacked together like a morning routine.

Decide how often you will evaluate

Really think about your evaluation times. If you are going to track something for a month, are you going to get bored, hit a wall and struggle.

If you have many habits and this happens you are likely to give up.

If you stick to one or two habits and evaluate / reward yourself after a two week sprint, I think that is a habit that will stick and you will build that habit permanently.

Bujo Habit Tracker Ideas

So now we are at the point of the monthly habit tracker ideas!! Woohoo.

All the examples below have given me permission to share their wonderful creations, so please go support them and show them some love.

I love them all, let’s see which are you favorite.

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Make a Habit Tracker Journal

You might notice that some of these examples that I showed are not just from a regular dot grid notebook, and that is for a reason.

I always think we should be thinking outside the box when it comes to our productivity and I think it’s the same for our habits.

We could create a habit tracker journal with a dot grid notebook or we could use various other types of planners to create a dedicated space for our habits.

We could purely have trackers and reward systems set up in a special spot just for us to fill in each day.

What Should be Included in a WEEKLY Bullet Journal?

So we have looked at monthly habit trackers but what do we do about our weekly bullet journal pages?

Well, I personally also like to track habits on a weekly basis too.

So by all means put in a little box with your habits and your seven days so that you can see the progress as your week is going along.

If you use an Alastair style to-do list you could include your habits there – it’s suited for this kind of thing.


It might not be as simple as we think putting together a habit tracker. Did you get any ideas for your bujo habit tracker?

Of course, you can have a minimal habit tracker and keep it very simple.

The choice is yours, make sure your planner is your dream planner and that includes your habit tracker.

Thanks for being here today, please do consider joining my wonderful community by subscribing or joining a Social Media account, I would love to have you.

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