Sometimes we want a cozy, comforting and warm start to the day. This is when we create a Hygge Autumn Morning Routine. It really is as inviting as it sounds!

What is Hygge?

The Spruce describes it – ‘Hygge is a Danish concept that encompasses the feeling of quiet comfort.’ I like that description. Another is Merriam-Webster – ‘The meaning of Hygge is a cozy quality that makes a person feel content and comfortable.’

So when we are so often running around like crazy, how do we create this hygge autumn morning routine?

Start Slow

Scene of a Hygge autumn morning routine. There is a cup of coffee, a notebook and a pen on a window sill.

You just can’t be cozy and comfortable, if you start the day late, behind time, and under pressure.

So the Hygge concept of coziness should tell us to start slow. Give plenty of time for our morning routine.

This picture is not my first step in the morning, but it is pretty early on.

Take time with a hot drink and a notebook or a book and just enjoy the stillness if it’s there.

Elements to Include

  • A HOT DRINK. I try to start the day with water, followed by a glass of lemon water, which is wonderful, and a lovely start to the day – it does wonders for our skin. But I usually follow that up a little later with a coffee. Tea or Herbal Tea are also perfect, and the ultimate would be an indulgent hot chocolate with cream and marshmallows [vegan, of course 😉]
  • READING OR WRITING. Taking that extra time for some reading or writing in the morning is so nice. It really slows things down. It tells the brain to relax. Who would argue that that is a bad thing? Of course, relaxing in the morning is a wonderful thing.
  • AN AFFECTIONATE PET. I have a crazy wild kitten who thinks it’s a mighty hunter. All exposed skin must be savaged. Except for some reason, first thing in the morning, when I first wake up, he is there for cuddles. I love it. I think it brings a wonderful comfort first thing in the morning to spend a moment with an adoring animal.
  • LOW LIGHTING. We often think of creating a nice warm glow in the evening, with a candle or low lights, but why not in the morning. This is one element I might include in my hygge autumn morning routine. To light a candle might be really cozy.
  • A COMFORTING BITE TO EAT. We talked about a hot drink, how about a comforting hot bite to eat. Maybe a bowl of hot oats, with berries and a drizzle of maple syrup. Or a hot pastry, or freshly baked biscuits [American translation: cookies]. These are all so delicious and so inviting.
  • WARM, COZY CLOTHES. This is the time to get those fluffy pjs out and stay in them while enjoying your cozy morning routine. For the ultimate experience why not throw a cozy blanket around you too.
  • MOVEMENT. One part of my morning routine which I love is going for a long walk with my hubby. We live in Dublin, so we walk along a canal and make our way down to the Liffey river. Matt takes a photo of the same spot every time we go there, then we walk home again. Rain or shine! We love our morning walk.

Creating the Ultimate Morning Routine.

Picture of different elements of a Hygge autumn morning routine. There are books, a candle, a cup of coffee, some biscuits, a cat, a fire and a scarf

The important thing to remember is that you probably can’t include all the elements.

It would take all morning to try to include all of these things.

So a big step of creating the ultimate Hygge Autumn morning routine is deciding which things are most important to you.

It may be that you can only include one of these things in your morning routine, but even that one thing will be contributing to your morning being cozier and warmer for these Autumn mornings.

Once you have decided what you are able to include in your mornings, play around with the order and how it all works best for you. There isn’t a rule of what is right or wrong about a morning routine. It is about what you are happy with.

My ideal morning routine at the moment looks like this:

  • 7am – get up and feed Lughan [our cat]. Drink some water. Make the lemon water for me and Matt.
  • Do some reading & planning.
  • Get a shower. Then make coffee and have breakfast.
  • Tidy up around the house and then at 8am go on our walk together.

My morning routine is 2 hours long. I’m usually into activities by 9 o’clock. I love this routine and it works for me.

I hope you are able to find a routine that is cozy and rewarding and works to create a lovely morning for YOU!

Please do let me know if you have mastered the perfect Hygge Autunm morning routine that works for you, I would love to hear.

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