It’s coming to the end of 2020. So let us set goals and achieve them. Many people have been waiting for this year to finish, for a new start.  It’s going to be 2021 shortly and now is the time to start thinking about making the very best we can of another year.

One thing that is an issue though, every year many of us repeat the same cycle!  We decide that we are going to goal set and plan, we buy the expensive planner and dream big and promise all these amazing things to ourself, and yet, so so often another year goes by and we haven’t followed through.  That is what I hope we can change this coming year.

A while back after watching many home organisers and taking lots of training and then observing in my own clients – I developed a 5 step system for deciding goals and achieving them.  I call the system –

“A Cat’s Purr Conveys Enjoyment”

What on earth does this mean? Well it’s a mnemonic for the 5 steps to the system. Here are the 5 steps:

  • 1 – Awareness
  • 2 – Choice
  • 3 – Plan
  • 4 – Contain
  • 5 – Evaluate


Before we can embark on any journey, we must know our starting point.  The same is the case with goal setting.  We must get comfortable with where we are at now.  What works for us? What hasn’t been working for us?  This step isn’t designed to judge and criticise, it’s simply to know and understand.


Choice basically means setting our destination point.  This is the true goal setting section.  Really deciding what aligns with our values.  What is the best version of us?  What do we really want to achieve?


This is my favourite step.  It’s asking the question ‘how?’  How do I achieve this goal?  How much can I achieve in this next year? How will I keep myself motivated?


Many people leave off these last two steps and it is why people often don’t achieve their goals.  ‘Contain’ means making space for something in your life.  A saying that I often use is ‘things usually don’t just happen by magic’. So try asking when will this happen?  How much time will this take?


Lastly, take regular pit stops to evaluate how something is going.  For example Covid 19 created a need for many of us to adjust what we are doing. Things crop up, so it’s important to evaluate to make sure we are still doing our best to move in the direction of our choices.

This is a really overview of these steps.  I plan to go into more detail in all the areas to help you get the best out of your 2021.  Please consider subscribing to get updated on new posts.  Also follow on Social Media as I am starting a stories challenge from Nov 15th to Dec 14th with daily goal setting prompts. You won’t want to miss it!