This is how you make spring cleaning a habit:

  • Make a list & plan a routine
  • Set aside time to incorporate the new routine
  • Give yourself lots of motivation
  • Plan a reward
  • Use your routine wisely

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Make Spring Cleaning a Habit – Why?

There are so many reasons to start a Spring cleaning habit. It really does not have to be confined to Spring. Cleaning a home all year round has many rewards, I personally love a Spring cleaning habit for these benefits:

  • Improving mental and physical health by reducing clutter and creating a more pleasant environment.
  • Preventing the buildup of dirt, dust, and grime that can cause allergies, respiratory issues, and other health problems.
  • Improving the longevity of your home and possessions.
  • Reducing stress and anxiety by creating a more organized and calming environment.
  • Saving time and money in the long run by avoiding the need for more extensive cleaning in the future.
  • Making it easier to find what you need and reducing the time spent searching for lost items.

Make a List and Plan a Routine.

Really we need to tackle this as if we were planning ANY new routine.


Decide what is included with spring cleaning. All of it!!

I know this is going to make for a very long list but it will be worth it in the end.

woman punching her fist in the air. Part of an article  -  make spring cleaning a habit

Put it all down – all the nooks and crannies that will need to be done to give a very thorough clean. [This part is not pretty, just get a pencil and paper and write, you are not making beautiful bullet journal spreads at this point]



To plan a routine for those tricky cleaning tasks can be hard. How do you fit them all in?

Try to keep it spread thin…just do a short amount of tasks per day. The plan here is not to make it overwhelming but to make it a habit.

If you want to read more about that try:

‘A cleaning plan that is impossible to get behind on’

Give Yourself Lots of Motivation!

Here is a very simple truth..


I know lots of people disagree with this. They say it’s the environment that counts. But here is something to think about..

Changing an enviroment = changing the motivation

An enviroment is not a substitute for motivation, it IS the motivation.

So here are my tips for providing lots of motivation for your new spring habits:

  • Get some much loved music on the go!
  • Include other family members if possible.
  • Make lovely bullet journal spreads with tracker spreads.
  • Make it a fun experience with lots of lovely smells and activities.
  • Make it a game.
A woman giving her daughter a high five for cleaning. Part of an article - how to make spring cleanign a routine

Plan a Reward!

If you are going to do all that deep elbow grease work without a reward – as they say in Ireland – fair play!

But for the rest of us mere mortals, a reward is much more to our liking.

So what reward could work for a little burst of cleaning frenzy?

I am going to refer to a great article here that has lots of tips for brilliant ways to reward yourself for a job well done.

For me I think some of the great tips are:



These are something fairly simple but just give an instant reward to beautifying your lovely home. That’s really worth it I think.

Use Your Routine Wisely!

So you have a lovely routine to get your Spring cleaning habit done all year round.

Are there ways you can maximize your new habit and make the best use of your time?

To make Sping cleaning a habit I suggest you employ these few extra tips..

  • As you go – declutter! This is a regular process for most of us. Don’t keep and find homes for things you don’t WANT to keep.
Picture of wooden blocks - the middle one says be consistent. Part of an article - make spring cleaning part of a routine
  • Keep up – do it regularly! I know, it can be easy to let it go as there are more immediate demands on your time. But just imagine, you keep up with it. Wouldn’t that be a life that you want to reach towards. Really try to make it priority, even though it can be easy to let it go.


Spring cleaning habits all year round are something worth thinking about. Your can do it, it’s just about making it routine and fun.

Thank you for reading ‘How to Make Spring Cleaning a Habit’. Please let me know in the comments if you have other tips..

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