Getting the right pace of life can be hard, but it is not impossible!

I often talk about goal-setting here on Bujoplanner.Kim, but along with life organization we need to also invest in pace-setting. That’s what we will explore in this blog post.

Picture of a cheetah vs a sloth and a large title that says - how to find the right pace of life for You

All About Pace

When running in a race there is always a predetermined pace. You don’t have long distance runners sprinting, and you don’t have sprinters jogging. So in a race – pace matters.

What about life?

Does it matter what pace you live your life?

Just as with things – there are minimalists and hoarders – also with pace – there are Cheetah like people and sloth like people.

Is one right and another wrong? I don’t believe so, but I do think that we have to determine what works for us.

Can you tell where you fit between these two?

The Two Extremes

The Cheetah like person

The Cheetah like person is flying around, always on to the next thing in life. They don’t seem to sit still for a minute.

They have an endless list of things they need to get done, and they just don’t ever get to the end of that list. They complain and say they would love to know what it feels like to be bored.

They are likely getting too little sleep and having a lot of caffeine to keep them going.

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The Sloth like person

The Sloth like person has one speed and it isn’t fast. They are likely the first to sit on the couch and put their feet up after they have come home.

They like to enlist other people with the tasks on their list and there is a possibility they don’t have a list at all.

If they clean, they go around things. They might be quick to decide something is too much and knock it off their plans.

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Choosing Your Intentional Pace

This is the section where we really start doing our pace-setting.

1.Be self-aware

Picture of a black lady looking into a mirror. She is being self-aware. Part of an article - how to find the right pace of life for you.

Learn to get to know yourself and your natural inclinations.

For me I have a natural tendency towards the sloth like person. I’m not sure I have ever had someone tell me to slow down. Lol.

Recognize what is natural for you, and learn to accept yourself for that. Cheetahs and Sloths don’t judge each other!

2.Imagine your ideal life

Now you know your tendency, think about what you want.

Don’t go crazy here and imagine the complete opposite of yourself. Think ‘within what is reasonable’ for YOU.

Think about how busy you want to be, how many tasks you can reasonably fit into a day based on the pace of life you want to go at.

Imagine what that day would look like.

3.Start to bridge the gap

Now you have been pace-setting – you now need to make space for that in your life and change based on your intentions.

So let’s say you have been doing too much and you now decide the right pace of life for you is a little less. Maybe find videos like this one about slowing down in life.

Maybe you want to up your pace and increase your activity, then you might need to find videos like this one.

When making changes in my life my motto is – to neither indulge, nor torture, but to gently challenge.

Sustaining the Right Pace of Life

Once you have thought about and intentionally decided the speed that you want to live life at, and you have started to impliment the changes, you might want to then stop and evaluate from time to time.

For example the pace of life that was right for me in my 20’s is not the right pace of life for me now that I am in my 40’s.

So adjust your pace as you need to, life changes and so must the pace of our life.


In summary – get to know and accept your tendencies, gently challenge them to something that suits you. Remember to stop and evaluate regularly.

Once extra point I want to add – Don’t Compare!

What’s right for you is not going to be right for everyone. Everyone must make their own choices and decide their own journey, so focus on your individual story here.

Let me know if you have any other life organization challenges – I may just answer them in an upcoming blog post.

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