It’s another month!! This time it’s my February bujo, and as you can see from the picture above I have gone for a strawberry theme, with a geometric dots pattern to go with the strawberries. Why you may ask? Well, let me tell you…. I was thinking that a lot of people will have been trying out ‘veganuary’ this year. There has been a real surge in the interest of becoming vegan to save the planet. So, I wanted to support any that might want to try keeping it up and promote the eating of lovely fruit and veggies to save not only the planet’s health but also your body’s health too. I believe in you!!

You might also notice that there is something a little strange about my strawberries. They clearly are not the right colour. Well, again, let me explain….despite the fact that I do appreciate multi-coloured things, (I’ve done some pretty bright themes in the past) I did start to realise that I have an absolute love for earth colours. I am a real natural, neutral kind of person. I know some have beautiful black and white bullet journals, so I thought why can’t I do what I love? Why not have my bullet journal full of beautiful earth tone colours? So, that’s precisely what I’m doing. I just want to mention about the printables that I have done this theme as a colour option for the first time, in my shop; for that, I did normal red strawberries.

Next up, here you can see my calendar page. I used the left page from the strawberries set and the right page from the geometrics set. If you are confused what I mean, have a look at my shop, you will see that I have made 12 different variations of this theme, so you will be able to see all the different sets that I’m talking about. I made a discovery this month..a not so good one. I had completely the wrong idea of what bleedproof paper was. So, as you can see from these left and right pages, one side of the paper absorbs ink while the other does not. I now have one darker side and one lighter side for each of my spreads. This was disappointing, I’ve learned a lot and now I will be able to try something different for next month.

Here you can see my habits page. As usual, I have six, this month they are: am routine, pm routine, self-care, clean, water, and no alcohol. I am doing a complete no alcohol February so I am so happy that finally one of my habits is being ticked absolutely every day. Honestly, I am really enjoying how this page looks filled in, I’m going to post it on Instagram, so please, check it out.

Just like last month, I am using the mood tracker for a different purpose. It’s my spending tracker. I have numbered the different sections and it is looking like one very abstract strawberry right now, lol. I make sure for the printables that there is thirty-one slots for the mood tracker, so as you can see in the picture, I coloured two spots in to leave myself twenty-nine slots.

I am extremely happy to say that my ‘word of the day’ spread is back. Oh, how much I missed this last month, I just completely forgot it. Now, I am happily giving each of my days one word to trigger some fun adventurous memories. I have been having a busy month this month, so I am sometimes struggling to choose what word I want to use. For example, one of the words I’ve used is Mew. That’s our cat, and on the 4th of this month she went to the vets to get a procedure to extract six of her teeth, poor Mew, I really did feel for her. Thankfully, she is doing really well and is back on her dry food now, which she loves.

Finally, I want to show you a new spread I have included this month…I am calling it my ‘discovery’ page. Each day, I am writing down something I learned that day. The world is full of new information, or sometimes, it’s just a new personal awareness, something I discover about myself or my loved ones. One example from the 3rd was: ‘with mental clarity I can plan to do things while waiting for others’. It’s nothing earth shattering, but I enjoy seeing the things I’m learning, being put down on paper.

I also have a couple of other pages with some tasks and personal information, but really these are the main pages this month. Maybe it is the lack of alcohol, but I do feel that this month is going by quite slowly. I am trying different planning styles for each week and I think I am starting to get close to something I am happy with. Would you be interested to see how I plan my week? Please, let me know. I hope you keep planning and keep eating your strawberries. Thanks so much for reading!!