This is the first monthly setup for 2021 [sorry for missing January 🥺]. Hope you enjoy my February bujo!

I have seen so many heart themes this month. Mine is very different. I have noticed that I have a real leaning towards pattern art at the moment, so for as long as that lasts, my themes will be based around that I think.

As you can see the cover page has a few elements. I am using my own printables, then I divided the page in half vertically and am coloring in the dead space with these two colours, one is a terracotta colored crayola supertips, and the other is a greeny grey staedler fibre tip. I used the pattern as inspiration for the font, I have to say I love the look of it all together.

Here is the full spread! On the right side I have put my focus page. This page is where I write my focus word, which for February is ‘ALLOW’, then each day I write something about it, either I find a quote, a verse or write something I have learned or experienced. If you have any suggestions of what I could write on the topic of ‘allow’, please let me know.

Here is my calendar spread! As many people have discovered, the month of February has a beautiful calendar, if the week starts on Monday, there are four even weeks. My calendar printables have 5 weeks, as that fits most months, so what I decided to do was cover the lines with corrector tape and create 1 long box at the bottom that is labelled ‘highlights’.

This is the mood tracker from the monthly set. I wanted to make use of it, but I don’t track my moods like most people do with a mood tracker. So I decided to change the use of this spread to be a daily ‘rating’ page. So each day I will rate how much I liked the day from 1-10. I will just write in my number and give it a little color-in with my weekly color marker.

Lastly, I am using the habit tracker spread from the set. I haven’t written in my habits at the point of taking the photo, but it includes things like ‘self-care’, and my rotating cleaning tracker.

You might notice that I have no goal, or task page at all. This is because I have decided to combine all these on to a A4 monthly dashboard page that I have folded to fit into my A5 planner. This will keep all the ‘messy’ bits on one page and separate from the nice monthly spreads. I am going to see how I get on with it. I may or may not keep it. 😅 That is the beauty of a planner that you create yourself. You can change things around.

That is my short but sweet February monthly planner. I hope you enjoy. As always bujoplanner friends…happy planning!!