December bujo setup is finally here..

Firstly, I would like to apologise.. It seems forever since my last post. I have been super busy with other extra work and so my little website has been neglected. I have also been working on some bullet journal yearly spreads for you all and they are now available in my shop. But, without further ado, let’s talk about my December bujo setup…

As you can see in the photo, it’s quite trippy! I have gone for a vaporwave aesthetic this month, it’s my son’s favourite. So, I let him design my cover page. He chose the colours and the random things to doodle (I would have never come up with a narwhal). He specifically asked for things not to be the colour that they should be, so the sun isn’t yellow and the flamingo isn’t pink. He is very creative and loves randomness. I don’t think I have ever had such a bright array of colours in a theme before, I’m really enjoying using it.

This calendar spread is absolutely the craziest calendar I’ve done. When I was looking for inspiration for the vaporwave theme, I saw a lot of check patterns. Some of them are beautifully done, they play with depth perception etc. I just thought I would try my hand at a normal check pattern, using all the colours, of course, and then throw in some vaporwave random objects. It does mean, unfortunately, that I have less space for the days; they are four spaces wide and six spaces tall.

My old favourite…word of the day…spread. I love this giant arrow with all the boxes going around the outside. I haven’t mentioned yet but I will now..the lettering. So, for the titles this month, I actually used my label maker. It’s easy, and I just really thought it went with this theme. It’s a really old, basic label maker, but it does the trick well.

My last spread to show you for this month is this ‘habits’ & ‘tasks’ spread. It didn’t suit me, last month, when I had the overview page and tried to include lots of things onto one page. I now ditched some things that weren’t necessary, and now, I have been able to spread out a bit with the habits and tasks. I think in a future post I will explain in more detail how I plan my monthly tasks. But just to say here, this simple spread is working for me really well.

I’m afraid..that’s it. Just to mention though, that the photos are taken on my son’s desk. He has hand painted his desk with these mad vaporwave stencils. Back to planning – I have gone much simpler with my spreads this month. It’s more out of necessity, like I mentioned about the extra work….also…there is also a whole new YEAR to plan! I am so excited for January. I am starting a new style of planning, don’t worry I will bring you along on the journey. There is going to be so much to show you. Til then…. Thanks for reading bujoplanner friends!