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If you have been involved in bullet journal art for a while, it’s pretty much impossible that you haven’t come across the use of Crayola Supertips 100 pack. Why are they so popular? Is it worth going all out and getting 100 markers just for bullet journal art? What do the colours actually look like? All this will be discussed in this post!


One of the main reasons why Crayola Super Tips are so popular is that they provide great value for the price. There is such a range of price points with markers..when I first started doing bullet journal art, I went into my local cheap shop and bought a set of 36 markers for €4.50. On the other side of the spectrum you can spend hundreds on a pack of markers. There really are a plethora of options. Crayola Super Tips are nicely priced; at the time of writing, a pack of 100 costs £23.96 on Ebay.uk Another feature of the Super Tip markers is their nib. They have the option of using the pen straight up, which gives a thin line, or at an angle, which gives a thicker line. This gives artists a great range of options; it makes it very easy to use these markers for colouring and for highlighting in their bullet journal.


My answer to this is 100 percent ..YES. Why do I say this? I feel like getting smaller packs will always leave you with that…’hmm, this isn’t quite the right colour’ feeling. My personal goal in buying the Crayola supertips 100 pack was that I wanted some choices of light neutral colours; these are my favourite colours, I use them for highlighting. As I looked at many, many sets of markers, I found that there was often a mid grey tone marker, but not really light neutral options. It is good to have in mind your favourite colours when you are shopping. Really make sure to know that the set you are buying has the right range of the colours you want in the set. There is no point finding out that you don’t have what you want after the purchase. Bullet journaling is something that we should feel inspired by and love doing, so yes it is worth it for your beautiful bullet journal’s sake to have the supplies that fulfil all your art needs. Here are my light neutrals..that I love!!


The best way to explain this is to show you. Here are my swatches for all 100 colours..

What’s left to say about the Crayola Supertips 100 pack? They are water-based and don’t bleed though the page too badly. The more you go over a spot the deeper the colour will be. They don’t blend, like watercolour, but they do work really well for doodles. You can get line marks if you are colouring a large area. They last well, the colours keep their vibrancy and the ink flow is nice and even. If you use them with rulers, you may get some damage to the nib which could lead to fraying at the sides of your colouring area. It is possible to do calligraphy writing with them, with a lot of practice. (I have not mastered this yet.) I think that’s it!

In summary, this 100 pack of markers, while not a must-have, are a definite should-have! They really do supply you with a good range of colours and have a quality that makes it a very helpful bullet journal accessory. I would recommend this pack for sure! This post is not in any way sponsored and discusses only my personal opinions.

Happy colouring!!