Do you feel stressed? Do you get overwhelmed? Do you struggle to feel motivated? Getting some one-on-one guidance with your time or energy management issues might just revolutionise your life. I take a holistic approach to guide and support you in getting long-term results.

“Excellent style. It was very positive throughout. And there was an understanding that many of us have a hard time with time management but it doesn’t have to be overwhelming. I really enjoyed the interactive, journal style lessons.”

Recent Time Management Client

“The course itself is very insightful, who knew there was so much to learn about your own use of energy! Kim’s kind and objective attitude toward me as a student made the experience conducive to real personal growth. The lessons were clearly expressed and they motivate you to put them into daily practice as soon as as you complete your first lesson. I will continue to use the principles learned in this course for years to come.”

Recent Energy Management Client”

The process used is a 5 step course. It typically takes 4 one hour sessions to complete the 5 steps. Although the process is the same, I recommend focusing one one topic – time or energy. Pricing:

  • 1 session [one hour] = €60.00
  • complete course of 4 sessions [four hours] = €200.00

If you are interested in having time or energy management coaching please book your free 15 minute introduction session.

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