A Hygge autumn morning routine scene with a woman sitting on a blanket with a cat, reading a book and eating some biscuits and having a hot drink

Create a Hygge Autumn Morning Routine

Sometimes we want a cozy, comforting and warm start to the day. This is when we create a Hygge Autumn Morning Routine. It really is as inviting as it sounds! What is Hygge? The Spruce describes it – ‘Hygge is a Danish concept that encompasses the feeling of quiet comfort.’

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picture of a daily planner and the title how to create a routine for YOU

How to Create a Routine for YOU

Wondering how to create a routine? It’s very possible when we start simple, be realistic and get clear about what we want our life to look like. When I was doing some research for this, I noticed that much of the information available was people explaining how they created their own routine.

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How to Energy plan your day

I recently had the honour of writing a guest blog post for Em from Planning with Em. I enjoyed writing the piece and thought I would share how to energy plan YOUR day on my own blog here. It’s not exactly the same so if you would like to read

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