A big pile of Monopoly money wrapped up, part of an article called organize your money with this simple budget that works

Organize Your Money With This Simple Budget That Works

Who doesn’t want a bit of help with money organization as the cost of living is going up and up. Here are some tips that work for creating your own simple budget. Why it is needed Many times in the last month, when I have been having conversations with friends,

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Picture of two women eating a Watermelon slice and smiling. It highlights good habits to do everyday

Good Habits to do Everyday to feel Balanced

Maybe you have already started thinking about the goals you want for next year. This is also the time to think about good habits to do everyday, and how you can incorporate them into those goals. Let’s dive in. Let’s be honest if you research good habits to do everyday,

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A Hygge autumn morning routine scene with a woman sitting on a blanket with a cat, reading a book and eating some biscuits and having a hot drink

Create a Hygge Autumn Morning Routine

Sometimes we want a cozy, comforting and warm start to the day. This is when we create a Hygge Autumn Morning Routine. It really is as inviting as it sounds! What is Hygge? The Spruce describes it – ‘Hygge is a Danish concept that encompasses the feeling of quiet comfort.’

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Woman who is struggling to have a work from home work routine

Tips for a ’Work From Home’ Work Routine

It’s official – you now work from home. You need a work routine!! I am here for you. I will give you tips to help get you as organized as possible in your home space and getting your work running like clockwork! The Challenge to Having a Work Routine I

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How to Energy plan your day

I recently had the honour of writing a guest blog post for Em from Planning with Em. I enjoyed writing the piece and thought I would share how to energy plan YOUR day on my own blog here. It’s not exactly the same so if you would like to read

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A Cleaning Routine that is Impossible to get Behind on.

I have been obsessed with cleaning routines from the first time I was responsible for cleaning my own room, and I mean OBSESSED. Many, many years into marriage, it would get to Tuesday or Wednesday, and I would say to my husband, ‘I am going to try a new system

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How to plan with Flexibility

Have you had the experience of having your schedule interrupted? I am going to assume that you have. I am actually going to assume that everyone on the planet has. So, with that assumption made, what can we do about it? Can we plan with flexibility to cope with this?

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