The Elegant [Planner Personalities Series]

[Planner Personalities Series] I’m so excited!!! I am embarking on a new series called – ‘Planner Personalities Series’. It’s been an idea that’s been going around in my mind for some time. I am going to create profiles on each of the sixteen planner personalities, and I absolutely believe that

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Finding your personal BUJO STYLE

Do you have a personal bujo style? I think, it’s probably fair to say, that most people that get into using a bujo notebook end up a little lost at one point or another. I know I have! Have you ever finished a spread, looked at it, hoping for that

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Bullet journaling and personality types

This topic of bullet journaling and personality types is an interesting one and I believe it has a big impact on the bullet journal community! So, let’s get started… A little while ago I was watching a pretty famous bullet journalist on a live video and she was asked…’what is

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