Picture of a woman holding cleaning bottles behind her waist. part of a blog post - make spring cleaning a habit

How to Make Spring Cleaning a Habit

This is how you make spring cleaning a habit: Make Spring Cleaning a Habit – Why? There are so many reasons to start a Spring cleaning habit. It really does not have to be confined to Spring. Cleaning a home all year round has many rewards, I personally love a

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Picture of a foot about to step on a banana. Part of an article - 15 quotes about setbacks that will make you smile.

15 Quotes about Setbacks that will make you Smile

Quotes about Setbacks – We all experience them and sometimes they really hurt, so let’s look at how we can grow from them. [I want to just mention here that I am using some quotes found on Pinterest. I have just written them and their authors as I saw them.

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Woman holding a to-do list with 1,2 and 3 listed. Part of an article to do these 3 things before deciding your next year goals.

Do These 3 Things BEFORE Deciding Your Next Year Goals.

It’s the time of year to decide your next year goals, but before you do that….please do these 3 things: 1. Know yourself. I can hear you saying to yourself.. “Why does knowing yourself have anything to do with goal setting for the new year?” Well, let me dive in

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Woman feeling overwhelmed by life is clutching her head while surrounded by lots of things to do

Where to start when you are feeling overwhelmed by life

When feeling overwhelmed by life – stop and pause. Take some time out. Get everything out on paper. From what is down on paper make a plan. Decide your priority. Spend your allotted time [which might be 5 minutes] on your priority tasks. When feeling overwhelmed by life – stop

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Woman sat writing study motivation quotes to get ahead of the game

Study Motivation Quotes to Get Ahead of the Game

You can keep these study motivation quotes near at hand all year long – it might provide the inspiration just when you need it. Why Study Motivation Quotes are Useful. I have to admit – I love to study. Give me a topic to research and I’ll be at it

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Picture of clock, with title - how to declutter time wasters

How to Declutter Time Wasters

As I write this – I am guilty! I also, have just today, said ‘yes’, when I really would have preferred to say ‘no’. But, I, along with you, CAN improve on decluttering our time wasters. Shall we? First… Let’s clarify what a time waster is. When I say time

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30 goal setting prompts for 2021

This is cutting it right to the wire, but it is here! My full list of goal setting prompts for 2021. Stay tuned to the end as there will be a free goody. Let me walk you through each question.. 1- What were the 3 most significant things that happened

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