picture of an open notebook with a bit tracker. Part of an article - Incredible unique bujo habit tracker ideas

Incredible Unique Bujo Habit Tracker Ideas

You have your bujo and you know your habits so now you just need some Bujo habit tracker ideas and you are on your way. This article is an all included guide just for you! What Habits Should I Track in my Bullet Journal? There are so many options here.

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A picture of the four seasons with an arrow moving into the next one. Part of an article - the ultimate bullet journal quarterly spread for spring.

The ULTIMATE Bullet Journal Quarterly Spread for Spring

How is your first quarter of the year going? Well, let’s make this bullet journal quarterly spread for Spring and knock the second quarter out of the park. You know you want to, lol. The ULTIMATE Bullet Journal Quarterly Spread for Spring Introduction: I am not sure why but many

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Picture of geometric design for september bujo theme ideas

Inspirational September Bujo Theme Ideas

There are times we all need inspiration. This article is for anyone wanting to get some September Bujo Theme ideas for inspiration to create their own beautiful September bullet journal. [All photos used have had permission given] My Own Designs First of all, I thought I would share a couple

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Picture of planner, Title says all the best bullet journal trends for 2022. Topic is bullet journal 2022

All the best bullet journal trends for 2022

You are in the right place to see all the latest bullet journal trends for 2022. You will see that there is a real shift towards using ripped papers, washi tapes, stickers and stamps. Another trend for bullet journals in 2022 is creative self care pages, the old mood tracker

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February Bujo Plan With Me

This is the first monthly setup for 2021 [sorry for missing January 🥺]. Hope you enjoy my February bujo! I have seen so many heart themes this month. Mine is very different. I have noticed that I have a real leaning towards pattern art at the moment, so for as

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November bujo Setup

[This post contains affiliate links. See the legal information here] It’s time for another monthly bullet journal setup. This time it’s my November bujo! This time around, I took my hubby’s suggestion on theme and focus word. He is very helpful and supportive. 😬 It’s November and in Ireland, where

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October Bujo Setup

[This post contains affiliate links] Hello again dear bujoplanner friends. I have quite the bullet journal story to tell you this month. It’s been a journey, but it’s here! I have an October bujo setup to share with you, finally. So…throughout the last month I have been really unhappy with

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