This topic of bullet journaling and personality types is an interesting one and I believe it has a big impact on the bullet journal community! So, let’s get started…

A little while ago I was watching a pretty famous bullet journalist on a live video and she was asked…’what is your personality type?’ She responded..’ENFJ’. That was very interesting to me as I also am an ENFJ. It got me thinking about how personality types affect our bullet journal style and explains why we create the way that we do. If, by this point, you are super confused and thinking ‘What on earth is an ENFJ?’, then, I’ve got your back…I’m going to explain

Carl Jung, back in the day, came up with a system of psychologically classifying different types of individuals. He theorised that individuals could be either: Introverted or Extroverted; Sensing or Intuitive; Thinking or Feeling; Judging or Perceiving. This means that an ENFJ would be an Extrovert, Intuitive, Feeling, Judging person. If you would like more information on what all this means then I recommend (this is a non sponsored post):

Let’s look at each classification and see if in any way it could affect bullet journaling. These are generalisations, and opinions only. Please, do not take these viewpoints as gospel!


An extroverted person gets their energy from being around other people, an introverted person gets their energy from alone time. This leads me to the conclusion that in general an extrovert is likely to spend less time on their bullet journal spreads than an introvert. I think the extrovert is likely to be more impatient to get back to joining the world around them, whereas an introvert is more likely to make an occasion out of their bullet journal time, really linger and get things just as it pleases their eye.


A sensing person deals with the information they are given through their senses, whereas an intuitive person is likely to add to that information, like, out of the box, abstract meanings or interpretations. My idea of how this would affect bullet journaling is that a sensing person is more likely to be concrete with their art style.. maybe more precise and accurate with their renderings. An intuitive person I believe will render art in a way of ‘you get the general idea!’…so maybe not so accurate, and have spreads that are a little bit more out of the box in their creativity.


A thinking person will look at logic and rational and consistency when it comes to decision making. A feeling person on the other hand is more likely to see the feelings and special circumstances and make allowances. I personally think that this difference has a massive impact on bullet journaling styles. What inspires a thinking person is very different from what inspires a feeling person. I think a thinking person is likely to have less bells and whistles to their art work, it’s likely to be more straightforward, whereas a feeling person is likely to add those embellishments and sparkles, because it’s gotta speak to the heart.


A judging person likes their world structured in a finalised way…things get decided, organised..DONE! A perceiving person usually likes to keep their options open, there might be new information, new opportunities to do things different get the idea! I happen to know a perceiving person who has a bullet journal, but she hates to use charts or boxes or anything with lines. She likes to keep it open and free. On the other hand, judgers might prefer to have more grids and sections to their bullet journal to keep things organised and complete.

So, did you agree with these opinions? What personality type are you, and how does it affect your personal bullet journal style? I would love to know! Please send your comments and thoughts. Happy journaling bujoplanner friends! Until next time!