Firstly, I would like to mention what this article is not about. It is not a medical article, I am in no way a health care professional and am not going to be providing information on the virus in a medical capacity. So, now, I will explain what this article is about. It is an article to give some bullet journaling and coronavirus ideas and tips. Let’s dive in…

I have observed that this pandemic has thrown people into all sorts of different life changes, so I want to talk about that. For me and many others that I know are the same, suddenly lots of free time is available, events are cancelled and yet some movement and freedoms are available. But, let’s also be aware of the many other changed situations happening. If you are a healthcare worker, possibly your life has gotten a whole lot busier, maybe you are doing extra shifts now. Can I just take this moment to say THANK YOU if that is your situation. Maybe you have been tested positive for the virus and are now in complete lockdown with very little freedom. So we can see everyone is dealing with something here, what can we do in our bullet journals?


If you are a lot busier now…then maybe that one is a bit obvious, you are probably focusing on keeping track of your shifts and schedules as needed. Your bullet journal probably looks a bit full. On the other hand, maybe you are one of the ones that feels like their bullet journal is looking a little empty now, if that’s the case, then let’s embrace the fact that bullet journals are flexible, we create the planner that suits us. That’s why they work so well. So, why not just cut to running task lists, or cut your day section in half, in the second half write something that inspired you that day.

Another option with all those events that have been cancelled….why not replace them with personal events. You can decide that instead of the concert you were suppose to go to next week, you are going to schedule a personal guitar practice concert just for you. View that appointment as important as what was in your calendar. Make a commitment to keep those personal events and enjoy that time.


I have seen so many people have interest in tracking the virus itself. I personally haven’t had that interest, but I can see the appeal, so here are some options that I can think of for tracking the covid-19 virus: one thing that I have done is just make notes in my 5 year diary of what has happened that day, for example, I wrote in my diary when the pubs in Ireland all shut. That is unheard of, so I wanted to note that down. Another option is to daily tracker the number of positive cases, either in your country or worldwide…I guess tracking the number of deaths is an option too :(. Some have drawn maps of the world with colour codes of the number of cases. There is quite a few of these available, it would need updating quite regularly. Another option is to track personal health, anxiety and symptoms throughout this time. Or maybe you could track how often you have washed your hands. There are many options.


Now, we get to my favourite part, we can be creative about all the other things that we might want to put in our bullet journal if we have extra time.

I have mentioned it many many times, but I am an energy coach, so you are going to read it again lol….self-care, self-care, self-care. Make a spread in your bullet journal of what self-care looks like for you. Yes, that’s right. If you have extra time, why not tap into nourishing all those areas of YOU, that maybe you haven’t been able to spend time on much? Why not give your brain a little work-out with some puzzles? Why not make some yummy snacks that your body will really be nourished and thank you for? Why not just sit and ask your emotions to release, and give them lots of time space and attention, watching them, and thanking them? Why not question if you are really fulfilled spiritually and socially? There are so many things that our body, mind and heart cry out for from us, but so often we are running around like headless chickens.

Other ideas for spreads in your bullet journal might be art, if it doesn’t need to be productive then why not be frivolous. Draw, paint, doodle, whatever comes into your mind. Maybe if you want to have some structure to your bujo you could add spreads like one that I am using this month and loving. I have a word of the month, this month I am using the word ‘joy’, and each day I am writing either a quote, experience or profound truth about joy. It’s is something that I’m really enJOYing, lol. You could include gratitude pages, if you don’t already. You could do spreads for hobbies that you have…whatever floats your boat. Another spread that might be especially important at the moment is finance tracking. If you are being affected financially at this time, I just want to say I am so sorry for your situation :(.


These are definitely unpredictable times. Many have expressed worries and anxiety. That’s ok! Please focus on what is within your power to do, which is to care for yourself today, the best way you know how. Use your bullet journal for motivation and inspiration to bring your day joy and organisation. I hope you can stay well, I hope you can feel joy and I wish you happy planning!