You are in the right place to see all the latest bullet journal trends for 2022. You will see that there is a real shift towards using ripped papers, washi tapes, stickers and stamps. Another trend for bullet journals in 2022 is creative self care pages, the old mood tracker is taking a bit of a back seat. Lastly, we see so many turning this hobby into a career choice, which is a win for all the bullet journal community.


I’m so excited to have you here checking out these trends with me. Please don’t hesitate to add a comment with your thoughts. Did I get it right with this post? I’m sure I can’t be the only one that has seen a real shift in trends this year amongst the bullet journal community.

Bullet Journal 2022 looks –

Here the lovely Safa shows us an excellent example of a very upcoming trend with bullet journals. It’s a style I see many are turning to, and that is the scrapbook look, or collaging style. What is it?

What we see is that there are now so many materials becoming available to the bullet journal community and we are using them. Stickers, stamps, washi tapes and ripped paper are all becoming part of the bullet journaler’s toolkit. I don’t think we will see the markers and colored pens disappear, but they are becoming an option. As we see bullet journaling take off around the world, we are seeing the audience include people who don’t feel they have the art bug but they do want their planner to have the creative look. Also for some, it saves time to use stickers than to create the art themselves, and that can be a real pro. On the con side, it can be a little costly. What about you, are you onboard with this look?

Bullet journal 2022 functions –

Here we have Joanne’s amazing self care page to highlight an important trend that is happening amongst the bullet journal community. The bullet journal of 2022 is more likely to have a creative self care focus, or a journal function. The much loved mood tracker is starting to get put aside in favor of a more individualized self care spread. I LOVE this trend! What is it?

So what we see happening a lot is that people will have a merged function for their bullet journal, they are becoming more of a planner/journal. This is exactly what has happened to my own bullet journal in 2022. Others are doing separate notebooks, one for a planner and one for a journal. In fact I am seeing quite a few people having a yearly line up of many bullet journals for the year. Sooo cool! What are people including for this journal? Well in the example we see a self-care bingo idea, I’ve seen daily journaling, some have put in self-care prompts to give ideas of what to write about [one of my recent custom planner makes included this].

The pros are that we can become a lot more focused on taking good care of ourselves, I can’t say better than that. The con of this trend is hard to find, but potentially it could be cost again, if extra notebooks are needed to be bought.

Turning the hobby into a career

Another lovely trend we are seeing with the 2022 bullet journal is that of it becoming a job rather than a hobby. We love bullet journaling so much that we want to do it more and more it seems. That has definitely been the case with me, and recently I have had a massive honor – I have been included in Feedspot’s list of Top 35 Bullet Journal Blogs!! [AAGGHHH] So thankful to them. Click below to see the list:

Yes, many are making blogs for bullet journaling, others also like myself are selling custom made bullet journals, then there is those who are making and selling stickers, or notebooks or anything bullet journal related. I know some who are starting off their very own bullet journal in 2022, it is such a growing trend, so there is such a market for everything bullet journal related at the moment.


To conclude may I say that I hope you found reading about these trends interesting. I would love your feedback about what you think of these, please do add your comments. Until the next post, thanks for reading,