Have you ever got close to the end of a month and thought ‘Ugghh…what theme will I use for next month?’? If so, you are in the right place to get inspiration for your next bujo monthly theme!

Months seem to come and go quite quickly when you are a bullet journalist! Am I right? So how can we get through this process of coming up with themes quickly and love the result? Well, I am about to tell you!!


Your bullet journal should reflect your creativity. You are the boss of your bullet journal. So, if you want to do a theme in black and white, in colour, in doodles, in patterns, in cursive writing, in block letters, in stickers, in stamps….you get the idea…you go ahead and do it!!

I should point out however that there are some boundaries to this. If for example you are posting pictures of your theme on social media..be aware of the consequences. Keep your theme appropriate for your public audience. You would think this goes without saying, but you never know these days.


For me personally I find this the biggest inspiration for my bullet journal themes. I look at my month, see what’s happening and make the theme based on that. Are you traveling? Are you doing a lot of housework? Are you reading a great book? Are you going to see a great movie? For example, this month for me is a month of many emotions.

Some friends of mine are moving away, I am going to seriously miss them. My son is also away traveling so life will be quiet for a bit. Also though, I am planning a staycation with my hubby for a few days..literally a few days of doing all fun stuff. So for that, I’m excited. So I wanted to reflect this in my bullet journal for this month. The result? An emoji theme!! And why not?

Picture of a bujo monthly theme where the calendar is decorated with hand drawn emojis
Emoji theme calendar because of a mixed emotion month!


If you are like me and have an interest in Bullet Journaling, you likely follow one or two Bujo accounts on social media. You are probably used to seeing other peoples’ spreads…Well, what speaks to you? Do you love all the flowery pastel pages? Do you prefer minimal styles, with one chosen color for the month?

Personally, I usually keep to a maximum of 5 colors, I usually do a strong ‘doodle’ look, rather than anything whispy, if that makes sense? I don’t like the look to be too busy, just a solid esthetic. I really DON’T like stickers..sorry to those who use them, I am sure they work great for you. Basically, the point is, you have plenty of inspiration out there, not to copy exactly but to work out for yourself your style.


So, you have decided on a theme, you put together your spreads….YOU DON’T LIKE IT! Oh no!!!!! Why bother?? …… The thing is, we aren’t going to do our favorite spread every month. That’s ok. Please, please, please don’t feel like giving up because you don’t like your spreads. Try again, anything, remember point 1…just try another next month.

Something we also said earlier was that months go quickly, isn’t it true? So just stick with it. You may still learn that some particular lay out was useful, even if the style wasn’t. You never know what you might be able to take away from it, so go with your theme. Accept it, whatever it is and…

please KEEP CREATING!!!!

Thanks for reading to the end. Let me know if there is any specific topic you would like me to cover in a future blog!

Signing off…


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