The bujo monthly setup theme = This month is our wedding anniversary and we are going to another wedding so the theme had to be LOVE! You can see the cover page in the picture here. It’s not a perfectly drawn heart, but that wasn’t what I was going for. I wanted an aesthetic of sickly pink candy, as if a pink bomb of hearts had exploded onto paper. I actually was quite pleased with the result. Pink is my least favourite colour in the world, so I am surprised at myself for liking it. Lol.

Calendar page

The Calendar = This is self explanatory, I make a calendar page every month to write events of the month. I had included a few basic ones here in pencil as you can see but often this calendar gets FULL.

Word of the day & About the day = This double page was all for information about the day. On the left you can just see the pink frame..this was a spread dedicated to writing one word that summed up the day..either an emotion, like exhausted, or an event, like anniversary. On the right I put an “about the day” page. I’m using this to give a little more detail. I usually write something about what happened, and some emotions that I observed in myself. I am trying to work on this as a personal project. I tend to deny emotions, just pretend they aren’t there, so this gives me an opportunity to actually invite emotions so that I can observe them and make note of them.

Tracker & Productivity = This double page is is all about tracking. On the left is a complicated tracker I use for my self-care and house cleaning routines. I plan to do a whole post on this topic because it is impossible to explain in a paragraph. On the right I have my productivity tracker, I aim to do 9 hours of productivity per day. This includes events and meetings, work, zone cleaning and self-care. It covers a lot! Time management is a personal passion of mine so I would say I’m pretty organised in that department.

Last monthly spread = This last double page includes a brain dump page where I have a continuous stream of things I want to get out of my head, and onto paper. On the left are 30 hearts that have been divided into 5. I wanted to track all my tasks in a nice pretty way, so I like this idea for doing that. The 5 tasks are as follows: self-care task, cleaning task, productivity for 9hrs, hoover & do dishes, and discipline task. Maybe I will need to do a separate post on these tasks too….

So that’s my June monthly setup. I hope you found some inspiration here. These pictures are little snippets, if you want to see more pictures throughout the month please follow me on Instagram –

Please let me know if you are interested in any specific posts or have any questions. Til next time….