Picture of geometric design for september bujo theme ideas

Inspirational September Bujo Theme Ideas

There are times we all need inspiration. This article is for anyone wanting to get some September Bujo Theme ideas for inspiration to create their own beautiful September bullet journal. [All photos used have had permission given] My Own Designs First of all, I thought I would share a couple

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Woman sat writing study motivation quotes to get ahead of the game

Study Motivation Quotes to Get Ahead of the Game

You can keep these study motivation quotes near at hand all year long – it might provide the inspiration just when you need it. Why Study Motivation Quotes are Useful. I have to admit – I love to study. Give me a topic to research and I’ll be at it

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Woman who is struggling to have a work from home work routine

Tips for a ’Work From Home’ Work Routine

It’s official – you now work from home. You need a work routine!! I am here for you. I will give you tips to help get you as organized as possible in your home space and getting your work running like clockwork! The Challenge to Having a Work Routine I

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Picture of woman walking along with map behind her on the wall of medium term plan examples

5 Medium Term Plan Examples

This is the inspiration you need to see and find out if any of these medium term plan examples speak to you and become your new way to plan and achieve your goals. Are you detail oriented, or a you a vision board kind of person? What is a Medium

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close up of feet running with title get back on track with your 2022 goals

Get Back on Track with your 2022 Goals

The best way to get back on track with goals is to take a minute and do a reset. This post will help you tap back into your reason why, deal with setbacks and become more balanced in your goal setting. It will guide you with the motivation and the

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Picture of planner, Title says all the best bullet journal trends for 2022. Topic is bullet journal 2022

All the best bullet journal trends for 2022

You are in the right place to see all the latest bullet journal trends for 2022. You will see that there is a real shift towards using ripped papers, washi tapes, stickers and stamps. Another trend for bullet journals in 2022 is creative self care pages, the old mood tracker

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Picture of a green calendar and title saying June. The rest says planner personalities series the rational

The Rational [Planner Personalities Series]

Welcome to the planner personalities series. Let’s see if this one is your planner personality. In today’s post we are going to discuss a more functional one, hope you enjoy – The Rational OVERVIEW The Rational planner is cheerful in its’ simplicity. We can imagine an organized strategist who doesn’t

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