Picture of a woman looking stressed. Around her are a laptop, an alarm clock, a weight for exercise, and a baby feeding bottle, and more. Part of an article how to make time for rest when life is busy.

How to Make Time for Rest when Life is Busy

Sometimes life feels like a treadmill that you can’t get off of. “How am I suppose to make time for rest?” – I can hear you say. First I want you to consider your belief. What do you think of the following statement? Rest is unproductive. Do you agree? If

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a girl asleep in bed holding a soft toy. part of an article - a real mom shares her real kids nighttime routine

A Real Mom Shares Her Real Kids Nighttime Routine

I have not had the privilege of being a mom of young kids, so how could I help you with a kids nighttime routine? By asking a real mom to share hers of course. This is the wonderful Tanecia and her kids bedtime routine tips and tricks. Thank you Tanecia!!

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picture of an open notebook with a bit tracker. Part of an article - Incredible unique bujo habit tracker ideas

Incredible Unique Bujo Habit Tracker Ideas

You have your bujo and you know your habits so now you just need some Bujo habit tracker ideas and you are on your way. This article is an all included guide just for you! What Habits Should I Track in my Bullet Journal? There are so many options here.

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Picture of lots of papers about taxes. on top there are some highlighters. Part of an article - how to streamline your life with simple home filing categories.

How to Streamline Your Life with Simple Home Filing Categories

Do you often find yourself frantically searching for important documents? The solution is simple – implement a home filing system using home filing categories that make sense. Let the streamlining begin! Why is a Home Filing System Important? The Benefits of an Organized Home File There really are so many

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Picture of a cheetah vs a sloth. Part of an article - how to find the right pace of life for YOU.

How to Find the Right Pace of Life for YOU!

Getting the right pace of life can be hard, but it is not impossible! I often talk about goal-setting here on Bujoplanner.Kim, but along with life organization we need to also invest in pace-setting. That’s what we will explore in this blog post. All About Pace When running in a

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Picture of a woman holding cleaning bottles behind her waist. part of a blog post - make spring cleaning a habit

How to Make Spring Cleaning a Habit

This is how you make spring cleaning a habit: Make Spring Cleaning a Habit – Why? There are so many reasons to start a Spring cleaning habit. It really does not have to be confined to Spring. Cleaning a home all year round has many rewards, I personally love a

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A picture of the four seasons with an arrow moving into the next one. Part of an article - the ultimate bullet journal quarterly spread for spring.

The ULTIMATE Bullet Journal Quarterly Spread for Spring

How is your first quarter of the year going? Well, let’s make this bullet journal quarterly spread for Spring and knock the second quarter out of the park. You know you want to, lol. The ULTIMATE Bullet Journal Quarterly Spread for Spring Introduction: I am not sure why but many

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Picture of a foot about to step on a banana. Part of an article - 15 quotes about setbacks that will make you smile.

15 Quotes about Setbacks that will make you Smile

Quotes about Setbacks – We all experience them and sometimes they really hurt, so let’s look at how we can grow from them. [I want to just mention here that I am using some quotes found on Pinterest. I have just written them and their authors as I saw them.

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Picture of a shelf of a fridge with a meal plan on it. part of an article make a budget vegan meal plan with no fuss.

Make a budget vegan meal plan with no fuss.

To create an easy budget vegan meal plan in record time with no fuss is the aim. I believe you can do it. I’ll give you lots of tools in this article to help you on your way. Why make a budget vegan meal plan? There are so many reasons

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Woman at a screen. There is a detailed micro plan on the screen. Part of an article - can chat gpt organize your life?

Do you Micro Plan? Should you Micro Plan?

If you micro plan you are breaking down big plans and creating many smaller plans with high levels of details. Is it a good idea? Let’s look at the pros and cons. What really is a micro plan? You can probably already imagine the difference between macro and micro planning,

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Picture of a woman who is lifting one eye of her sleeping mask. Part of an article - the best planning systems for the lazy procrastinator.

The Best Planning Systems For The Lazy Procrastinator.

Do you call yourself a lazy procrastinator? Then this is the article you have been waiting for. These planning systems are what you need to get your life back on top. Is there such a thing as a ‘Lazy Procrastinator’? There are a lot of names for not doing what

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Woman holding a to-do list with 1,2 and 3 listed. Part of an article to do these 3 things before deciding your next year goals.

Do These 3 Things BEFORE Deciding Your Next Year Goals.

It’s the time of year to decide your next year goals, but before you do that….please do these 3 things: 1. Know yourself. I can hear you saying to yourself.. “Why does knowing yourself have anything to do with goal setting for the new year?” Well, let me dive in

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Picture of a working woman holding a clock and pointing to it. Part of an article about a day in the life of a time management pro.

A Day In The Life Of A Time Management Pro

We have seen lots of time management articles haven’t we. Now lets try ‘a day in the life of’ a time management pro and see if you are maybe a little bit surprised. A day in the life of who? Ok! To start with the time management pro is ME.

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Picture of a desk with a blank notebook and a date block that shows January 1st. There is also a laptop. Part of article to look at focus word of the year ideas

30 Focus Word Of The Year Ideas And How To Use Them

Does a focus word of the year work? What are some examples? How can we actually use them throughout the year? Let’s dive in… Does a ‘Word of the Year’ work? This is a really good question. To be completely honest with you, I’m about to find out for myself

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Woman feeling overwhelmed by life is clutching her head while surrounded by lots of things to do

Where to start when you are feeling overwhelmed by life

When feeling overwhelmed by life – stop and pause. Take some time out. Get everything out on paper. From what is down on paper make a plan. Decide your priority. Spend your allotted time [which might be 5 minutes] on your priority tasks. When feeling overwhelmed by life – stop

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A big pile of Monopoly money wrapped up, part of an article called organize your money with this simple budget that works

Organize Your Money With This Simple Budget That Works

Who doesn’t want a bit of help with money organization as the cost of living is going up and up. Here are some tips that work for creating your own simple budget. Why it is needed Many times in the last month, when I have been having conversations with friends,

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Picture of typewriter writing let us begin. The article is about life goals

How Life Goals Can Save You Time

Another year is fast approaching. Before goalsetting for the year, you can save time by first setting your LIFE GOALS…and who doesn’t want to save time? I am all about helping you to save time in your life. What I mean by that is that I’m here to help you

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Picture of two women eating a Watermelon slice and smiling. It highlights good habits to do everyday

Good Habits to do Everyday to feel Balanced

Maybe you have already started thinking about the goals you want for next year. This is also the time to think about good habits to do everyday, and how you can incorporate them into those goals. Let’s dive in. Let’s be honest if you research good habits to do everyday,

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A Hygge autumn morning routine scene with a woman sitting on a blanket with a cat, reading a book and eating some biscuits and having a hot drink

Create a Hygge Autumn Morning Routine

Sometimes we want a cozy, comforting and warm start to the day. This is when we create a Hygge Autumn Morning Routine. It really is as inviting as it sounds! What is Hygge? The Spruce describes it – ‘Hygge is a Danish concept that encompasses the feeling of quiet comfort.’

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Picture of a planner and some goals on the page. Have a plan to achieve goals this week

Plan to Achieve Goals This Week

Sometimes we are not ready for life long goals. So plan to achieve goals THIS week! Start small, get on top of this week and go from there. Let’s see how to do it.. Why Plan This Week? The truth is that most people don’t have a life plan, 10

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Picture of geometric design for september bujo theme ideas

Inspirational September Bujo Theme Ideas

There are times we all need inspiration. This article is for anyone wanting to get some September Bujo Theme ideas for inspiration to create their own beautiful September bullet journal. [All photos used have had permission given] My Own Designs First of all, I thought I would share a couple

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Woman sat writing study motivation quotes to get ahead of the game

Study Motivation Quotes to Get Ahead of the Game

You can keep these study motivation quotes near at hand all year long – it might provide the inspiration just when you need it. Why Study Motivation Quotes are Useful. I have to admit – I love to study. Give me a topic to research and I’ll be at it

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Woman who is struggling to have a work from home work routine

Tips for a ’Work From Home’ Work Routine

It’s official – you now work from home. You need a work routine!! I am here for you. I will give you tips to help get you as organized as possible in your home space and getting your work running like clockwork! The Challenge to Having a Work Routine I

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Picture of woman walking along with map behind her on the wall of medium term plan examples

5 Medium Term Plan Examples

This is the inspiration you need to see and find out if any of these medium term plan examples speak to you and become your new way to plan and achieve your goals. Are you detail oriented, or a you a vision board kind of person? What is a Medium

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close up of feet running with title get back on track with your 2022 goals

Get Back on Track with your 2022 Goals

The best way to get back on track with goals is to take a minute and do a reset. This post will help you tap back into your reason why, deal with setbacks and become more balanced in your goal setting. It will guide you with the motivation and the

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Title picture says planner personalities series overview of the 16 types

Overview of the 16 Planner Personalities

[PLANNER PERSONALITIES SERIES] Welcome to the world of planner personality types I have created a system for figuring out our planner style, what really speaks to us and motivates us. That’s not to say we never change..we do. But this system might help us see where we are gravitating among

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